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viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 8 (2012) (Re-Upload)

01 - Joey Baggs OTFS Interview Clip / Untitled Premonist Intro
02 - Grim, Judge, Done, Sunn, Nonsense, Species, Gutta, Baggs, Jack, Virus - Machete Headz 
03 - Kahn & Gutta - Guns Come Out
04 - ScarcityBP ft. Chief Kamachi & Sunn Sunn - The Messiah
05 - MC Terminator Tragic - Sword Tongue
06 - Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Species, Sneaky Pete - Invasion Of The Eye Snatchers
07 - Species - 7 Lettered Angel 
08 - DoneOne, Joey Baggs, Virtuoso, Grim Moses - We Back On It  
09 - Jack Spairo (H1N1) - Eyes Open
10 - Evil Intentions ft. Species, Joey Baggs, Judgement - Sounds Of Madness
11 - The Society Of Invisibles - Dial 'M' For Murder (Instrumental)
12 - DoneOne ft. Nonsense (Axiom), Grim Moses, Veteren Virus - Cold Case
13 - Sunn Sunn - Every Kill Begins With A "K"
14 - Arcanegel (R.I.P.) ft. Grim Moses - League Of Shadows
15 - Dj Shadowfist & Niko La Tesla ft. Indrid Cold & Vendetta Kingz - Promised Slander
16 - Gods & Monsters ft. Joey Baggs & Judgement - A Gentleman's Bet
17 - MC Terminator Tragic, Grim Moses - Dooms Day Device
18 - Joey Baggs - Throw Your A's Up
19 - Alhazred ft. Species - ReptileXiles
20 - DeadBeats - Beat Snip Sampler [OUTRO] / Joe Baggs, Judge - We Put Death On(?) [HIDDEN TRACK]
21 - Superpower (Gutta & Chris Carbene) ft. Necro & Grim Moses - Play With Me [BONUS TRACK]

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 7 (2012) (Re-Upload)

1.The Decomposers - Another Day (Instrumental)
2.Gutta, Judgement, Kahn - Get Up, Stand Up 2
3.Arcanegel FEAT. Jak Progresso & Species - Starfish Ripper
4.Indrid Cold, H1N1 (Jack Spairo) - Dark Water (?)
5.Sneaky Pete, Kahn - Respect Till Im Dead
6.Judgement, Veteren Virus, Nonsense, Gutta, Kahn - Invisible Army
7.Species - Species Drop
8.Cane Corso Records FEAT. Indrid Cold & Boxguts - Not Around
9.Jack Spairo, Grim Moses - The Horsemen
10.TReBeats FEAT. Joey Baggs, Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold, Judgement, Sneaky Pete - Respect
11.The Unordinaries (Decomposers) - Heroin Spoon (Instrumental)
12.Cypher Manuscripts FEAT. Indrid Cold - Keep Em Laced
13.DoneOne FEAT. Species, Judgement, Joey Baggs - White Caddy Music (Crime Scene Chronicles)
14.Jack Spairo - Dirty Game
15.2Ugli FEAT. Indrid Cold, LoDeck, Jack Spairo, Charlie Schits, & Infadel - Cold Sores
16.Sneaky Pete - Suicide Note
17.Johnny Autopsy - Death Fetish-Gore & Gals (Instumental)
18.TReBeats FEAT. Reef The Lost Cauze, Unknown Mizery & Gutta - Reality Of Doom
19.Judgement - Whats In The Attic? (Judgement's Grindhouse Spectacular)
20.Geist Audio Bitch! 

jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 6 (2010) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - The Garden (Instrumental)
2.Kahn - The Ugliest
3.Gutta - Mark Of The Beast
4.Span Phly FEAT. Judgement - Invisible Espionage
5.DJ ShadowFist & Niko La Tesla FEAT. Indrid Cold - Beheaded Horseman
6.2Ugli FEAT. Sunn Sunn - Splatter Fest
7.DoneOne - Their Lies
8.Erel The Rkatec - 602streets Freestyle
9.Annex - Bulletin Loop (Instrumental)
10.Gutta - Gutta 187
11.Vendetta Kingz FEAT. Sneaky Pete - Stryfness
12.Kahn, Indrid Cold - The Beast
13.2Ugli FEAT. Indrid Cold - Sleeping Giants
14.D.Valentine FEAT. Gutta - Redemption
15.Jack Spairo, Species, Nonsense - Three Kings
16.The Decomposers - 9 (Instrumental)
17.Vietkong Generals FEAT. The Society of Invisibles - 30 OT Lip Lock 

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 5 (2010) (Re-Upload)

01.The Decomposers - Pathos (Instrumental)
02.Sneaky Pete, Nonsense, Kahn - Amongst Thieves
03.DoneOne, Kahn - BLT
04.2Ugli FEAT. Species - Gross
05.Gutta - Beware
06.Sneaky Pete - Carry On
07.Apakalypse FEAT. Nonsense
08.Rok - Friday Night Flavas Drop
09.Annex - Dont Sleep (Instrumental)
10.DoneOne - MF Done
11.Ugli FEAT. Lord Lhus & Indrid Cold - Cold Hearted
12.Kahn, Sunn Sunn - Facez On Marz
13.Gutta - Pump Pump
14.Vendetta Kingz FEAT. Indrid Cold - 2nd Comingz 
15.Judgement - Pep Boyz (Snippet)
16.Eddie Satan - October (Instrumental)
17.Joey Baggs, Veteren Virus, Judgement, Species - Face Crushers Anthem

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 4 (2010) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - Untitled Intro [From "Return of Scrapula"] (Instrumental)
2.Indrid Cold, Species, Veteran Virus, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Gutta - Untitled Track (Prod. By Stoupe)
3.Judgement, Sneaky Pete, Jack Spairo - Make Way
4.Nonsense - Oxymoronic Friend
5.Goretex (ex- Non Phixion), Gutta - Untitled Freestyle
6.Sneaky Pete - Pete Goes Postal
7.DoneOne, Kahn, Veteran Virus - Nothing I Can Do
8.Judgement - Flavas Drop
9.Plan B - Die (Instrumental)
10.Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold, Kahn - Sanity's Requiem
11.Joey Baggs, Speciez, Creepa, Judgement, Veteran Virus (Creepa ft TSOI)
12.Sneaky Pete, Kahn - Hate me
13.Judgement, DoneOne - Here To Stay
14.Judgement - Napalm (Bomb Legacy Diss)
15.Gutta, Erel, Joey Baggs - Training (Studio Recording Session Outtake)
16.Eddie Satan - Pastels (Instrumental)
17.Joey Baggs, Alcatraz, Judgement, Sunn Sunn - Monster Mash

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 3 (2010) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - Memorandum (Instrumental)
2.Species, Judgement, Veteran Virus - Murder Town Orphanage
3.Indrid Cold, Sunn Sunn, Gutta - Wait Now
4.Kahn, Sneaky Pete - Theres Nothing I Can Do
5.Jack Spairo - Beginning Of A New Era
6.DoneOne, Nonsense - Maryvale Confidential
7.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Species - I Before U
8.Indrid Cold - Indrid Cold (Acapella)
9.The Premonist - Untitled [From "Pills Not Taken"] (Instrumental) 
10.Judgement, Veteran Virus - Silent Hits
11.DoneOne, Veteran Virus - Same Old Game
12.Kahn, Judgement, Gutta - Just Us
13.Sneaky Pete - Drugs 4 Thugs
14.Gutta, Sunn Sunn, Judgement - Quit Begging
15.Species - MMM
16.The Decomposers - Symphony No. 2 (Instrumental)
17.Joe Baggs, Sunn Sunn, Kahn, Judgement - Homicidal Music

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 2 (2009) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - A Coroner's Cup Of Coffee (Instrumental)
2.Judgement, Veteren Virus - 3suntwilight
3.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Sunn Sunn, Conquest (Kahn) - Jeweled Gauntlet
4.Species, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, DoneOne - NoFace
5.Conquest (Kahn) - Overblood
6.Nonsense - Feeling (Remix)
7.Joe Baggs, Nonsense, Judgement - TSOI Shit
8.Conquest (Kahn), Indrid Cold, Sunn Sunn - Soul Reaver
9.The Premonist - Periscope (Instrumental)
10.Judgement, Nonsense, Joe Baggs, [?????] - Lose Your Life
11.Sunn Sunn, Conquest (Kahn), Jack Spairo - Blair's Potion
12.Judgement - Off Man
13.Sunn SUnn - Fun House
14.Nonsense - This Here's A Banga
15.The Premonist - The Practitioner (Instrumental)
16.Sick Jacken FEAT. Gutta, [?????], Judgement, Joe Baggs, Indrid Cold - The Society Of Psychos 

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 1 (2008) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - I Hate The Daylight (Instrumental)
2.Judgement, DoneOne, Species, Veteren Virus - Cut Me Like A Cross
3.Sunn Sunn, Conquest (Kahn) - Double Suicide
4.Judgement - Exquisite
5.Joey Baggs, [?????], Veteren Virus - Checkmate
6.Species, Joey Baggs, Nonsense - Born Sick
7.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Conquest (Kahn) - Black September
8.Nonsense - Non's Got It Locked
9.The Premonist - Devil's Water (Instrumental)
10.Conquest (Kahn) - War Games
11.Rok, Judgement, Species - Chapter
12.Conquest (Kahn), Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold - Tora Bora
13.Joe Baggs, Gutta, [?????] - God Bless The Dead
14.Sneaky Pete - I Am Mad
15.The Premonist - Autopsy (Intsrumental)
16.Veteren Virus, Sunn Sunn - Kill People

jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

The Society Of Invisibles - The Society Of Invisibles (2006)

02.dial m for murder
03.watching you
04.celeb winner
06.dead beat 1
08.nothing worse
11.hack pack
12.dead beat 2
13.goose bumps
14.carpe diem
15.hardcore connect
18.on my way back (bonus track)