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jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Big Yang – Now It's Time (1994)

A1 Licka - Licka (Radio Edit)
A2 Blow Up Da Spot (Radio Edit)
A3 The Madness (Radio Edit)
A4 Time Ta Drop Da Bomb (Radio Edit)
B1 Licka - Licka (Uncut)
B2 Blow Up Da Spot (Uncut)
B3 The Madness (Uncut)
B4 Time Ta Drop Da Bomb (Uncut)

sábado, 15 de abril de 2017

Ruggedness Madddrama ‎– For real (1994)

Forreal (Street Version)
Forreal (Radio Remix)
Forreal (Instrumental)
Me And My Squad
   Checkin Down The Menu

lunes, 16 de enero de 2017

Rampage The Last Boy Scout - Tha Red Oktoba (1994)

1. Beware Of The Rampsack
2. Tha Red Oktoba
3. Looking At The World
4. Do You Want It Featuring - Busta Rhymes
5. Come With It
6. The Night Before My Shit Dropped
7. The Last Boyscout
8. No I'm Not Home
9. The Illest Moment
10. Set It Straight
11. Beware Of The Rampsack (Smak-U-Bak Rampsack Mix)
12. Beware Of The Rampsack (Rugged Boyscout Extended Mix)
13. Beware Of The Rampsack (Danger Zone Rampsack Remix)

miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017

UMC's - Unleashed (1994)

1. Time To Set It Straight
2. We Go
3. Evil Ways
4. Hit The Track
5.  What's Up
6 . Staten Island Comes First
7. Ill Demonic Clique  [Feat] – 3.,2.,1.*, Gold Rush, Rux
8. Some Speak Ill Thoughts
9. Whoa Now
10. Pleasure In The Dark
11. Can You Feel It
12. How It Gotta Be
13. Gotta Be Sure
14. My Thing

viernes, 6 de enero de 2017

Nice & Smooth - Jewel Of The Nile (1994)

1. Return of the Hip Hop Freaks
2. The Sky's the Limit
3. Let's All Get Down
4. Doin' Our Own Thang
5. Do Whatcha Gotta
6. Old to the New
7. Blunts
8. ExplicitGet Fucked Up
9. Save the Children
10. Cheri
11. No Bones Remix (Remix)


lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

Half A Mill – Any Day Can Be Ya Last / Another Homicide Scene (Vinyl 12") (1994) (Re-Upload)


      A1 Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Vocal)
       A2 Another Homicide Scene (Vocal)
          B1 Any Day Can Be Ya Last (Instrumental Mix)
       B2 Another Homicide Scene (Instrumental Mix)

lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

Nas ‎– Life's A Bitch (Vinyl 12" Promo) (1994) (Re-Upload)


A1. Life's A Bitch (Radio Edit)
A2. Life's A Bitch (Main Mix)
A3. Life's A Bitch (Instrumental)
B1. Life's A Bitch (Arsenal Radio Edit) Remix – Def Jef, Meech Wells
B2. Life's A Bitch (Arsenal Mix) Remix – Def Jef, Meech Wells
B3. Life's A Bitch (Arsenal Instrumental) Remix – Def Jef, Meech Wells

domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2016

Strickly Roots ‎– Begs No Friends (1993) (Re-Upload)


1. Bust The Tech
2. Begs No Friends
3. King A New York
4. Get'n Open
5. Duck Ya Boyz
6. Mic Controla
7. Roots & Culture
8. South Bronx (Uptown)
9. Fa Real

domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016

sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

Kirk - ‎– Uptown Style / Feel The Boom (vinyl 12" Promo) (1994)

A1 Uptown Style (Dirty Version)
A2 Uptown Style (Album Version)
A3 Uptown Style (Clean Radio Edit)
A4 Uptown Style (Instrumental)
B1 Feel The Boom (LP Version)
B2 Feel The Boom (Instrumental)

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

Rubberoom ‎– Gothic Architecture (Tape) (1994)


A1. The Fanum Is Evil
A2. Synapse Gap  Scratches – DJ 33 1/3
A3. Highnoon
A4. Beneath The Surface
A5. Loft Music
A6. Body Snatch'n (On The Isle)
B1. Buckwild
B2. Breakout
B3. Stacks Of 45's
B4. The Pit  [Featuring] – Gravity

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Kirk – Makin' Moves (1994) (Re-upload)


01. Makin’ Moves
02. Stay Fresh
03. Chill
04. Crazy Wild
05. Down Low
06. The Ghost
07. Feel The Boom
08. Flippin’ It
09. Catch The Beat
10. Uptown Style
11. Tic Toc
12. Can’t Get With This
13. Now Ya’ Know
14. Down Low (Remix)

jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

Ground Floor ‎– Dig On That / One, Two (Vinyl 12") (1994)

192 Kbps

A1. Dig On That (Main) Featuring], Producer – Lord Finesse
A2. Dig On That (Radio) [Featuring], Producer – Lord Finesse
A3. Dig On That (Instrumental)
B1- One, Two (Main)
B2. One, Two (Radio)
B3. One, Two (Instrumental)

miércoles, 10 de junio de 2015

Ill Behavior ‎– Days Of Sin (Reissue 2015) (1994)

320 Kbps

1. If There's Beef
2. Savage Nigga
3. Put Your Guards Up
4. Pushed Up
5. Days Of Sin
6. Assed Out
7. Who Wanna Do What

sábado, 9 de mayo de 2015

The Wascals – Class Clown / Hard Rhymes (Vinyl 12") (1994)

A1. Class Clown (Album Version)
A2. Class Clown (Radio Edit)
A3. Class Clown (Instrumental)
B1. Hard Rhymes (Album Version)
B2. Hard Rhymes (Radio Edit)
B3. Hard Rhymes (Instrumental)

viernes, 8 de mayo de 2015

The Wascals – Greatest Hits (1994)

Hemos comentado que el bueno de Buc Fifty ha salido de la carcel, preparado para dar guerra en una nueva mixtape. En sus origenes como mc, alla por el año 92 Bucwheed formaba parte del grupo Wascals junto a Spit Anky, Alfalfa y St. Imey. Este fué su único album editado bajo el sello delicius vinyl records y producido por J-Swift. Que bueno ver a un Buc Fifty quinceañero y con ese pelazo a lo afro.

1. Intro
2. Big Shit, Battleship
3. Class Clown
4. Hard Rhymes
5. F.U.N.
6. Doggy Style
7. Bootie Rap
8. Stole The Show
9. The Dips
10. Dream And Imaginate (feat Fatlip of The Pharcyde)
11. F.U.N. (Alternative Version)
12. The Dips (On My Jammie Mix)
13 Class Clown (Remix)
14 Imaginate (Xorcism)
15 The Dips (On My Jammie Mix Instrumental)
16. Big Shit, Battleship (Instrumental)
17. Class Clown (Instrumental)
18. Hard Rhymes (Instrumental)
19. F.U.N. (Instrumental)
20. Doggy Style (Instrumental)
21. Bootie Rap (Instrumental)
22. Stole The Show (Instrumental)
23. The Dips (Instrumental)
24. Imaginate (Instrumental)

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

Bustin' Melonz ‎– Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out (1994)

1. Cross The Border  Producer – Karl & Will
2. Nightstalkin'  Producer – Jim Fields
3. Masquerade  Producer – Karl & Will
4. Unchain My Mind  Producer – Darren & Becky  [Featuring] – Master Rob
5. Don't Big Up   Producer – TNT [Featuring] – Gravedigga, Special Ed
6. Tooth 4 A Tooth  Producer – Karl & Will
7. Walk Away  Producer – Karl & Will
8. Flippin' Off The Tip   Producer – Karl & Will
9. Under The Influence Producer – Karl & Will
10. 1994  Producer – Karl & Will
11. Hold Ya Melon  Producer – Karl & Will

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop (vls 1994)


A1 Back To The Hip-Hop (Radio Edit)
A2 Back To The Hip-Hop (Street Edit)
A3 Back To The Hip-Hop (Instrumental)
A4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Acappella)
B1 Pure (Vocal)
B2 Pure (Instrumental)
B3 Pure (Acappella)
B4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Old School Mix)