miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Tha Lowa – Tha Lowa Ep (Vinyl 12" 1994)


A1 Hard 2 Get
A2 Hard 2 Get (Remix) Remix – Mad Man Scheme
B1 L.E.S.
B2 Never Give Up (Remix) Remix – Mad Man Scheme
B3 Never Give Up

domingo, 24 de noviembre de 2013

Tainted Mindz ‎– All In The Flip (Vinyl 12") (1995)


A1 All In The Flip Rap [Featuring] – 5th Amendment
A2 All In The Flip (Instrumental)
        B1 Killadelphia (Remix)
            B2 Killadelphia (Remix Instrumental)

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Various – Revival Of The Underground Volume I (Vinyl 12") (1998)

    A2 Red Eye – If This World Was Mine
     B1 Ghetto Seals – It's In Their Nature
       B2 Rhemslepe – Do What Ya Wanna Do
B3 Red Eye – Stank Pussy

Various – Revival Of The Underground Volume II (Vinyl 12") (1999)


       A1 Street Confidons – We Got The Drop
     A2 Big Noise – Soldiers Of War
A3 Mad Sci – Set It Off
             B1 The Alamo –  Never Judge A Book
B2 Memphis Bleek & Company – Straight Hustlas

jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2013

Third Sight – The Golden Shower Hour (1998)


Greatest World Famous
Rhymes Like A Scientist
I Will Never Leave You
Sir Limpdic
Don't Say Nothing
Gas Chamber
I'm Kinda Vain
Smegma In D Minor ... (Oh Fuck)
3 Dimensional
Roughneck Vs. Kool Breeze
The Execution Starts

DJ Spinna ‎– Heavy Beats Volume 1 (1999)


1. Joc Max Preface [Featuring] – Joc Max
2. Who U Be  [Featuring] – Missin' Linx
3. A Grooveamungus
4. Time Zone [Featuring] – Apani B Fly Emcee, Talib Kweli
5. Rock
6. Watch Dees [Featuring] – Eminem, Thirstin Howl III
7. The Haunted Space Freak
8. Conclusion

miércoles, 20 de noviembre de 2013

Numskullz ‎– Enough Of That (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. Enough Of That
A2. Enough Of That (Instrumental)
AA1. Nothing But The Music
AA2 . Nothing But The Music (Instrumental)

Milano ‎– Deal With A Feeling (Vinyl 12") (2000)


A1. Deal With A Feeling (Radio)
A2. Deal With A Feeling (Street)
A3. Deal With A Feeling (Instrumental)
B1. Rep For The Slums (Radio)
B2. Rep For The Slums (Street)
B3. Rep For The Slums (Instrumental)

Mack Da Maniak ‎– Loco Motive (1996)


1. Reincarnation
2. I'm A Maniak
3. Set Up, The
4. Come On
5. 2 My Brothas
6. Orgie
7. Don't Disturb This Groove
8. Fuck That Shit
9. It's Alright Wit Me
10. What Goes Up
11. It's Gonna Be Alright
12. Suck My Dick
13. Divorce
14. What Cha Gonna Do
15. And U Know That
16. Do Da Do Anthem
17. Real 2 Real

Mack Da Maniak ‎– What Goes Up (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. What Goes Up (Radio Mix)
A2. What Goes Up (Instrumental)
A3. What Goes Up (Acapella) (Radio Version)
A4. Fuck That Shit (Vocal) Producer – R. Brown
B1. What Goes Up (Street Mix)
B2. What Goes Up (T.V. Track)
B3. What Goes Up (Phat Hitapella) (Street)
B4. Fuck That Shit (Instrumental) Producer – R. Brown 

Mack Da Maniak ‎– What Goes Up (Remix) (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. What Goes Up (Radio Remix Version)  [Featuring] – Chubb Rock, King Just
A2. What Goes Up (Remix T.V. Track) [Featuring] – Chubb Rock, King Just
A3. What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version [Radio]) [Featuring] – 70D, Lost Boyz, Rog-A-Rab
B1. What Goes Up (Street Remix Version)  [Featuring] – Chubb Rock, King Just
B2. What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version [Street]) [Featuring] – 70D, Lost Boyz, Rog-A-Rab
B3. What Goes Up (BQE 86 MPH Version [Instrumental]) [Featuring] – 70D, Lost Boyz, Rog-A-Rab
B4. What Goes Up (Original Album Version [Street])

Terror Squad ‎– The Album (1999)


1. In For Life Producer – Ron "Amen-Ra" Lawrence
2. Pass The Glock Producer, Mixed By – Yogi 
3. '99 Live Producer, Mixed By – Alchemist
4. Whatcha Gon Do? Producer, Mixed By – Juju
5. Triple Threat
6. War Producer – V.I.C.
7. Bring It On Producer, Mixed By – Alchemist
8. As The World Turns Producer, Mixed By – Noodles
9. Gimme Dat Producer – Armageddon
10. Feelin' This Producer – Armageddon
11. All Around The World Producer – Don "A.P." Sellers
12. Tell Me What U Want Producer, Mixed By – Young Lord
13. Rudeboy Salute Producer, Mixed By – Buckwild
14. My Kinda Girls Producer – LA' Smouve
15. Payin' Dues Producer – Armageddon
16. www.thatsmysh-t.com Producer – Dirtman

Obscure Disorder ‎– The Grill / Like (Vinyl 12") (2002)

Canadian hip-hop crew from Montreal, QC. Originally formed in 1995 as an after school project,consist of- Science aka I-con or now known as Troy Dunnit, Eclipse, Logik, Dave One on the beats and A-Trak the world champion DJ. They all would have never thought that this team of "Obscure Disorder" would create such a dent in the Montreal underground hip-hop movement.


A1. The Grill (Dirty)
A2. The Grill (Clean)
A3. The Grill (Instrumental)
B1. Like (Dirty)
B2. Like (Clean)
B3. Like (Instrumental)

Obscure Disorder ‎– 2004 (Vinyl 12") (1999)


A1. 2004 (Dirty) [Featuring] – Goretex, Ill Bill
A2. 2004 (Clean) [Featuring] – Goretex, Ill Bill
A3. 2004 (Instrumental)
B1. The Entree (Dirty) [Featuring] – Eclipse, I-Con, Logik 
B2. The Entree (Instrumental)
B3. Full Circle (Dirty) [Featuring] – Eclipse , I-Con, Logik
B4. A-Trak Bonus Treats