martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Diamond D ‎– Hiatus (Remix) (Vinyl 12" Unofficial Release) (1997)


A. The Hiatus (Remix) (Main Mix)  [Featuring] – Cru
B1. The Hiatus (Remix) (Inst.)
B2. The Hiatus (Remix) (Radio) [Featuring] – Cru

Various – The Beyond Real Experience (1999)


          1 Mr. Akil –Intro/How MCs Do It
        2 I.G. Off And Hazadous – The Nicest
       4 Dynas – Stick Move Strike Back
5 Ha The Jet Black – Handlin'
6 Jigmastas – Semi-Precious
   7 Old World Disorder – Never Minded
    8 I.G. Off And Hazadous – In The Air
9 Jigmastas – Thief's Theme
10 Old World Disorder – Wasted
  11 I.G. Off And Hazadous – Street Serenade
12 Jigs & Friends, The – Lyrical Fluctuation Rap [Featuring] – Mr. Complex, Pharoahe Monch, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Talib Kweli
         13 Basement Khemists – I'm Doin' Ya
14 Jigmastas – If

Mic Geronimo ‎– Masta I.C. / Time To Build (Vinyl 12") (1995)


A1 Masta I.C. (Radio)
A2 Masta I.C. (Radio Street)
A3 Masta I.C. (Street)
A4 Masta I.C. (Instrumental)
B1 Time To Build (Radio)
B2 Time To Build (Street)
B3 Time To Build (Instrumental)
B4 Masta I.C. (Acapella)

Gauge The Mental Murderah ‎– Cranium (Vinyl 12") (1996)



A2 Cranium (Radio) Rap [Featuring] – Cella Dwellas
A3 Cranium (Instrumental)
B1 Breathless (LP Version)
B2 Breathless (Radio)
B3 Breathless (Instrumental)

Kavasci ‎– C.I. (Vinyl 12") (1999)


A2 Cash Flow
B1 Roulett
B2 Israel

lunes, 30 de diciembre de 2013

Various ‎– 45 Scientific (2001)


01. Intro 45
02. Hi Fi - C'que les negros veulent
04. Ill - Juste hyper
05. Booba - Repose en paix
06. X Men - Professionnels
07. Lunatic - Tetes brulees
08. Hi Fi - L'Elevation
09. Lim - Tous illicites
10. Sir Doum's - Du mal a controler mes pulsions
11. Outro

Lunatic – Civilisé (1999) (Vinyl 12")


A Civilisé

Pete Rock ‎– Back On Da Block (2000)


1. Back On Da Block (Original) [Featuring] – C.L. Smooth
2. Back On Da Block (DJ Krush Remix) [Featuring] – C.L. Smooth
3. Back On Da Block (Pete's Block Party Dub)
4. Back On Da Block (E.Q Bonus Remix) [Featuring] – C.L. Smooth
5. Back On Da Block (DJ Krush Remix Instrumental)
6. Back On Da Block (Original Instrumental)

Kay ‎– Constant Elevation / Maintain & Build (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. Constant Elevation (Clean Mix)
A2. Constant Elevation (Dirty Mix)
A3. Constant Elevation (Instrumental Mix)
B1. Maintain & Build (Clean Mix)
B2. Maintain & Build (Ruff Mix)
B3. Maintain & Build (Instrumental Mix)

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket ‎– Livin' In Da Bottle / Ruff Neck Style (Vinyl 12") (1992)


A1. Livin' In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Vocal Mix)
A2. Livin' In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
A3. Livin' In Da Bottle (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B1. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Vocal Mix)
B2. Ruff Neck Style (Blakmarket Instrumental Mix)
B3. Livin' In Da Bottle (Naughty Boy Instrumental Mix)

domingo, 29 de diciembre de 2013

C-Rayz Walz – Almighty: The Solar Facts (2013)

Ghetto Concept ‎– Ghetto Concept (1998)


Precious Metals
In God We Truss
Ol Skool Games
State Of Crisis
I Know A Melody
7 Days
Death Touch
Die 4 Me
Heat Of The Night
Primetime Saturday Night
Can I Borrow A Dollar?
Soak Da Set
Mother’s Love
Blades Of Ice
Dark Skies
Krazy Mixed Up World
Krazy World


All City ‎– Metropolis Gold (1998)


Who Dat (Skit)
Xtreme 2:26
The Hot Joint (Remix)
The Actual
NY Live It Up
Afta Hourz
Ded Right
Get Paid
Timez Is Hard
Favorite Things
The Hot Joint
Move On You (Remix)
Just Live