jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 3 (2010) (Re-Upload)

1.The Premonist - Memorandum (Instrumental)
2.Species, Judgement, Veteran Virus - Murder Town Orphanage
3.Indrid Cold, Sunn Sunn, Gutta - Wait Now
4.Kahn, Sneaky Pete - Theres Nothing I Can Do
5.Jack Spairo - Beginning Of A New Era
6.DoneOne, Nonsense - Maryvale Confidential
7.Jack Spairo, Indrid Cold, Judgement, Sunn Sunn, Species - I Before U
8.Indrid Cold - Indrid Cold (Acapella)
9.The Premonist - Untitled [From "Pills Not Taken"] (Instrumental) 
10.Judgement, Veteran Virus - Silent Hits
11.DoneOne, Veteran Virus - Same Old Game
12.Kahn, Judgement, Gutta - Just Us
13.Sneaky Pete - Drugs 4 Thugs
14.Gutta, Sunn Sunn, Judgement - Quit Begging
15.Species - MMM
16.The Decomposers - Symphony No. 2 (Instrumental)
17.Joe Baggs, Sunn Sunn, Kahn, Judgement - Homicidal Music