viernes, 13 de mayo de 2016

The Society Of Invisibles - Rare Cuts... Vol. 7 (2012) (Re-Upload)

1.The Decomposers - Another Day (Instrumental)
2.Gutta, Judgement, Kahn - Get Up, Stand Up 2
3.Arcanegel FEAT. Jak Progresso & Species - Starfish Ripper
4.Indrid Cold, H1N1 (Jack Spairo) - Dark Water (?)
5.Sneaky Pete, Kahn - Respect Till Im Dead
6.Judgement, Veteren Virus, Nonsense, Gutta, Kahn - Invisible Army
7.Species - Species Drop
8.Cane Corso Records FEAT. Indrid Cold & Boxguts - Not Around
9.Jack Spairo, Grim Moses - The Horsemen
10.TReBeats FEAT. Joey Baggs, Sunn Sunn, Indrid Cold, Judgement, Sneaky Pete - Respect
11.The Unordinaries (Decomposers) - Heroin Spoon (Instrumental)
12.Cypher Manuscripts FEAT. Indrid Cold - Keep Em Laced
13.DoneOne FEAT. Species, Judgement, Joey Baggs - White Caddy Music (Crime Scene Chronicles)
14.Jack Spairo - Dirty Game
15.2Ugli FEAT. Indrid Cold, LoDeck, Jack Spairo, Charlie Schits, & Infadel - Cold Sores
16.Sneaky Pete - Suicide Note
17.Johnny Autopsy - Death Fetish-Gore & Gals (Instumental)
18.TReBeats FEAT. Reef The Lost Cauze, Unknown Mizery & Gutta - Reality Of Doom
19.Judgement - Whats In The Attic? (Judgement's Grindhouse Spectacular)
20.Geist Audio Bitch!