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Shahmen - Enter The Circle EP (2010)


02.Shell Dweller (ft Unorthadox)
05.Van Gogh's Crows
06.1981985 Pt. l (ft Unorthadox)
07.World of Wils Pt. l 

East Coast Avengers - See The Bars EP (2008)


01.Worst Things First
02.Kill Bill O’reilly (Remix)
03.Dear Michelle
04.Shadow Of A Man
06.Hey America (Remix) (Feat. Granite State)
07.Rainfall (Feat. Termanology) 

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary vol. 2 (2004)


01. Revolutionary intro
02. The point of no return
03. Peruvian cocaine feat. C-Rayz Walz, Pumpkinhead, Loucipher, Tonedeff & Poison Pen
04. Harlem streets
05. Obnoxious
06. The Message & the money
07. Industrial revolution feat. Dj Roc Raida
08. Crossing the boundary
09. Sierra maestra
10. The 4th branch
11. Internally bleeding
12. Homeland and Hip Hop feat. Mumia Abu Jamal
13. The cause of death
14. Freedom of speech
15. Leaving the past
16. Truth's razors
17. You never know feat. Jean Grae
18. One (remix) feat. Akir 

Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1 (2002)

Felipe Coronel a.k.a. Immortal Technique Mc nacido en peru y que posteriormente emigraria a Harlem Nueva York donde acumularia cargos por violencia y asaltos llegando a estar en la carcel donde empezo a escribir sus primeras canciones, en 1999 comenzo a participar en batallas de freestyle y en 2002 lanzo su primer disco "Revolutionary Vol. 1" lleno de  letras revolucionarias y duras criticas hacia la politica y que es ya todo un clasico. 


1. Creation & Destruction 
2. Dominant Species 
3. Positive Balance 
4. The Getaway 
5. Beef & Broccoli 
6. No Me Importa 
7. Top of the Food Chain Remix 
8. The Poverty of Philosophy 
9. Revolutionary 
10. Spend Some Time Remix 
11. Dance With the Devil 
12. The Prophecy 
13. Understand Why 
14. No Mercy 
15. The Illest 
16. Speak Your Mind 

Goretex - Coffin Syrup (2011)


01.Boars Head 1:00
02.Project Genocide 0:54 
03.The Black Gate 1:17
04.Tuddy Vario 1:02
05.Dedication ft Killah Sha & Timbo King 3:36
06.Sharon’s Babby 0:42
07.Intervention 0:49
08.Your Mother in a Jansport 0:58
09.Alien Ambassador 0:45
10.Last Days 1:00
11.Sleep Walkers 0:50
12.Scientist and Generals 0:45
13.Sluts on Demand 0:51
14.Retaliate 0:39
15.Farragut Dust 1:36
16.Buzzoven 2:21
17.Straight to Video 0:41
18.Babby Ozzy 0:50
19.Godless Fucking Wrath 1:19
20.Bundles 1:27
21.The Butcher from Glenwood 1:01
22.Belt Parkway 0:31
23.Kublai Khan 0:49
24.Mother Natures Son 2:04
25.The World is law 1:08
26.The Death of Mitch 0:40
27.Porno Director 0:53
28.Space Cowboy 0:44
29.Run Again 0:41
30.Hated 3:06
31.Who Cares About the Dead 0:53
32.Bloody Snow 0:44
33.Martyr Brigade 0:32
34.The Big Sleep 3:21
35.Dope Sick 2:37
36.Woody Allen 10:31
37.New America 4:07
38.Canarsie Kings 2:46
39.Satanic Verses 3:14
40.Controlled Demolition 3:56 

Endemic & Cappo - Needle Drop EP (2009)


02.Needle Drop
03.Hacksaw (feat Cyrus Malachi & Iron Braydz)
04.Needle Drop (Instrumental)
06.Eagles (feat Scorzayzee, Cyrus Malachi, Lee Ramsay & Iron Braydz)
07,Eagles (Instrumental) 

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Endemic - Terminal Illness (2009)

Otro recopilatorio bien pepino de la mano del productor de UK Endemic, seguro que lo recordareis de sus producciones en el disco de Ruste Juxx ¨Adamantine¨.


01. Intro
02. Robin Hood Theory (feat. Timbo King & Planet Asia)
03. Can’t Stand To Wake Up (Motown Grown) (feat. The Wisemen)
04. Comin’ To Kill (feat. Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, & Sav Killz)
05. Political Criminals (feat. Leathafase, Melanin 9, & Cyrus Malachi)
06. Hypocrites (feat. Masikah & Melanin 9)
07. Walk In The Shadows (Interlude)
08. One Day (feat. Killah Priest & Timbo King)
09. Not Like Us (feat. Letia Larock, C Mone, & Sima Lee)
10. Bang On Me (Feat. Leathafase & DJ Furious P)
11. From BK To UK (Ruste Juxx, Cyrus Malachi & Nasheron)
12. Look My Way (feat. Sima Lee)
13. I’m Show Ya (feat. Sean Price & Ruste Juxx)
14. Three Kings (feat. Hell Razah, Melanin 9 & Kevlaar 7) 

DarkStar: The Last - End of The Road (2011)


1.People Being Shot 02:42
2.90's Horror Movie (ft King Author) 03:01
3.End of The Road 03:35
4.King Lunacy 02:40
5.Invzble Rap Kllaz (ft Bill Shakes & King Grubb/COTD) 02:53
6.Technique (Interlude) 01:28
7.Causin' Effects 01:36
8.Times Runnin Out (ft I.D) 04:16
9.Assassin Nation 03:51
10.Fall All The Way Back 03:18
11.Vincent 02:09
12.Lie In Death 02:04
13.Everybody Get Lo 03:14
14.If You Want To Know (Interlude) 02:27
15.Die With Thum 03:17
16.Lets Talk 02:43
17.Cellular Warfare (ft Antiheroes) 03:00
18.Total War (ft Tap Out) 04:26
19.Rap it Up (Interlude) 00:45
20.The Everyday War 03:30  

DarkStar: The Last - Beginning of The End (2011)

Tremendo el EP que nos ofrece este Mc directamente desde New York, bombo-caja cargado de oscuridad que podemos disfrutar de forma gratuita gracias a la gente de Blah Records y que podeis adquirir por poco mas de un euro en Bandcamp.


1. Times Runnin Out (feat. I.D)
2. King Lunacy
3. Playtime Is Over
4. Fall All The Way Back
5. Pale Horseplay (feat. Hock Tu Down & Salar, cuts by Prospects) 

Gamblez & Imperial Skillz Empera - Legon Of Darkness (2012)


1. Behind Death’s Door
2. 7 Plaguez (feat. Scar The Messenger, Graveyard Shifter, Omen Ra, Vice Versa, Skull Bludgeon & Oz Arc Raider)
3. Legion of Darkness (feat. Skull Bludgeon, Labal-S & Raaddrr Van)
4. Rize of the Darkspawn (feat. Pryme Prolifik)
5. When Death Calls
6. Whispers In the Shadows (feat. Son Of Saturn & Konflikt The Guillotine) (cutz by DJ Tmb)
7. Lights In the Sky (feat. Si-Klon & Frantik)
8. Soundz of Insanity (feat. Skull Bludgeon)
9. Final Destruction (feat. Animal Cracker & Rypa)
10. Blood On My Handz
11. What Lurks Beneath (feat. Bimes Ill & Se7en Sandman) (cutz by DJ Coach One)
12. Legacy of Death (feat. Skull Damage & Icabod Chang)
13. Hate Is My Drug (cutz by DJ Coach One)
14. Horrorcore Worldwide (feat. Fake Flint & The Jotaka)
15. Murder Ya Conscience
16. Master of Horror (cutz by DJ Extremidiz) 

Gamblez, Skull Bludgeon, Frantik - Changing Of The Guard (2012)


1. Intro
2. Dungeonz
3. Evil Doers
4. Epic Proportions
5. Changing Of The Guard
6. Shatan (feat. Animal Cracker)
7. Zen Dialect
8. 5th Element
9. Nectar Of The Godz
10. D.E.A.D (feat. Hectik & Decipher 73I)
11. The Omen (feat. Seekz-1)
12. Death Screamz
13. Ballroom Massacre
14. Sewer Raps
15. Out The Cut (feat. Gage1 & Orion)
16. Blood Of The Dragon (feat. Cody Beastly)
17. Order In Chaos

Dialog - Dialog Of The Dead (2011)


1. Dialog Of The Dead
2. Science (feat. 40oz)
3. Tempress (feat. 40oz, Macro & Seekz)
4. Stop The Bleeding (feat. 40oz)
5. Brutal (feat. 40oz)
6. Metal Barz Pt.2 (feat. 40oz)
7. Right Guard (feat. 40oz)
8. The Unknown (feat. Illstylus)
9. The Other Son (feat. 40oz)
10. Curtains (feat. Macro)
11. Fuck The Rest (feat. 40oz)

Mister Voodoo - Lyrical Tactics (Vls12'') (1996)


A1. Lyrical Tactics (Come Off Hard Part II)
A2. Shine
B1. Hemlock
B2. Lyrical Tactics (Instrumental)

Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz - Heavy Metal Kings (2011)


01. Keeper of the seven keys
02. Eye is the king
03. Impaled nazarene
04. Children of god
05. Blood meridian
06. Oath of the goat
07. King diamond
08. The vice of killing feat. Reef the Lost Cauze & Sabac Red
09. Devil’s rebels feat. Crypt the Warchild
10. Age of quarrel
11. Metal in your mouth feat. Q-Unique & Slaine
12. Terror network
13. Leviathan (the spell of Kingu)
14. The crown is mine
15. Splatterfest
16. The final call
17. Blood meridian (Ill Bill remix) (iTunes exclusive bonus track)
18. Santa sangre (Napster exclusive bonus track) 

Apakalypse - How I Fucked Your Mother When George Bush Was President (Unreleased Tracks) (2013)


1.Wisdom Above System (Feat.. Self Soulfuric) 04:44
2.7 Seconds 00:53
3.Twin Cannons 04:01
4.Grime Time 03:31
5.Dark Skies (Feat.. Serum) 03:47
6.Hungry Dogs 03:18
7.Acid Tears Interlude 00:59
8.Pay Homage 03:48
9.Ditch A Bitch 02:56
10.Fuck A Hook_er 03:24
11.Honey Bunz 02:17
12.Chaos Theory (Feat.. Big Zeb & Self Soulfuric) 06:24
13.We Rule This Dimension 02:58
14.Hollywood Movers 02:10
15.Remember E.S.F 05:05
16.Outro 00:48  

Gamblez - What My Eyes See (2011)


1. Intro
2. Fuel To The Fire
3. The Takeover
4. Balance Beamz (War & Peace) (feat. Frantik & LMS)
5. A World Without Hip-Hop
6. U Wanna Hear Some More
7. Godz Handz (feat. Rhetoric, Decipher & Gage-One)
8. 7th Temple Assasins (feat. Si-Klon & DC The Truth)
9. Wrekshop 2
10. What My Eyes See (feat. Omen Ra)
11. Pig Destroyer (feat. Frantik & Serum)
12. Standing Dark Doors (Interlude)
13. Need Some Sleep
14. Bump This Shit
15. Banned From The Bible (feat. Frantik & Orion)
16. In Your Eyes (feat. Lyrical, Ayce & Frantik)
17. Alone In The Dark
18. Razor Sharp (feat. Decipher & Frantik)
19. Rize & Fall
20. Se La Vi
21. Changing Of The Guard Sampler 

Gamblez - Mind Of A Madman (2011)


1 Mind of a Madman (Prod. By Frantik)
2 Malevolence (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Bomshot)
3 Nightstalker (Prod. By Frantik)
4 Creepin' While You Sleepin' (Prod. By The Inphidel)
5 A Monster Is Born (Prod. By Frantik)
6 Pussy Enslavement (Prod. By Fost) (feat. Fost)
7 Pesticidez (Prod. By Frantik) (feat. Skull Bludgeon, Frantik &
Pryme Prolifik)
8 The Scrypt Keeper Massacre (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Frantik, Grimface &
9 Body Bagz (Prod. By Decipher)
10 Born On Friday The 13th (Prod. By Frantik) Gamblez
11 Scenes of Horror (Prod. By Fost) (feat. Decipher)
12 Possessed By Hatred (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Decipher & Skull Bludgeon)
13 Exorcismz (Prod. By Amos) 

Cosmic Crusader - CosmiCalculations 2 (2013)


01. Intervude
02. Overstanding (feat. Dr. Malachi Z. York & Odin Smith)
03. Gnostic Gospels (feat. Rasul Allah, Atun Sen Geb & Jon Murdock)
04. Keeper Of The Flame (feat. White Lotus)
05. P.S.A.2.U.S.A. (feat. Alex Jones & Jon Murdock)
06. Interstellar Storyteller (feat. Mad Scientific Productions)
07. Wondering Stranger (feat. Odin Smith) 

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Falcon Burns & Melph - The Word Effect (2008)


01. The Word Effect
02. That’s Entertainment
03. Dreamers feat. Logik Locksmith & Ark-E-Tek
04. Skit
05. Neva Forget
06. They Tryna Kill Us feat. Melph & Logik Locksmith
07. A Flower Named Amnesia
08. F Dash B
09. Hiphop feat. Ignite Mindz
10. Far From Beaten
11. Melphstrumental
12. Let it Flow feat. Creyesis
13. Slow Down
14. Still Waitin
15. Diamonds In The Rough feat. Logik Locksmith & Ana Bz
16. Outro 

Animal Cracker - NIGHTMARICAN (2011)


1.The Fall Back [Remix] (Prod. By Mcscorpion)
2.Who Shot Ya
3.Appitite (Feat. Bletzin) (Prod. By Raw Threat)
4.Crack Rock Chief
5.KnowLedge (Prod. By Raw Threat)
6.Tequilla (Prod. By Raw Threat)
07.Blacker Sheep
8.Gasoline (Prod. By Melvin Junko)
9.Stale Urine (Feat. Mista Pigz & The Fact) 

Dom Pachino (Aka PR Terrorist) -The Last Armageddon (2CD) (2011)


1.Intro Freestyle 
2.The Ceremony 
3.Grimy Suspects Feat Rubberbandz 
4.Bum Rush 
6.Tera Iz Him 
7.Your Something Else 
10.Criminal Feat Shyheim 
11.The Rules Feat Chi Chi 
12.Trust Me 
13.Roll with the Rush Feat Trife and No Smiles 
14.Illusions Freestyle Feat Matteo 
15.Bad Radio Freestyle 
16.Bonus Track (I Declare War) 

Cd 2 

2.Dressed in Titanium 
3.No Perseverance 
4.M16 Feat Chi Chi 
5.Ez Killingz Feat Killa Sin and Polite (Ice Water) 
6.Fairty Talez 
7.Crawlin Feat Nutso 
8.Auto Toon Goon 
9.Trench an Shotty 
10.Thugaboo Feat Dezert Eagle and Chap-Elz 
11.Crime(Black Belt Cypher) Feat Bugotti Bomb and Chap-Elz 
12.Righteous Seed 
13.SI Shooterz Feat Polite and Stumik (Ice Water) and Chap-Elz 
14.Stay with Me Feat Teraban 
15.Last of the Best 

Dom Pachino (aka PR Terrorist of Killarmy) - Power Rulez (2008)


2.That's A Fact (Producer: DJ Chulo)
3.Shot U Down (Producer: Falling Down)
4.Cripple U featuring Live Brim; 9th Prince (of Killarmy) (Producer: Hushh Entertainment)
5.War Syndrome (Producer: Dom Pachino)
6.Dig Down (Skit)
7.Without Stitches (Producer: Shawneci)
8.Duck Tape featuring Islord (of Killarmy) (Producer: DJ Chulo)
9.Paper (Producer: Hushh Entertainment)
10.Ugliest Flow (Producer: Falling Down)
11.All Right (Skit) (featuring Vito Pamagari)
12.King (Producer: Hushh Entertainment)
13.Can't Find It (Producer: Dub Sonata)
14.Loving U (Producer: Mr. Bomba)
15.Fuk Critic's (Producer: Dom Pachino)
16.1st Come 1st Served  (featuring Shyheim; Crunch Lo)
17.Can't Stop Me (Producer: DJ CIA) 

Halfabrick & Alterbeats - Revolutionary Tactics 2 (2011)


01. Introbars (feat. Dj Modesty)
02. Addicted
03. Mott Aveness (feat. Spicco & The Absouljah)
04. Real Connotations (feat. Dj 456)
05. Rebel G You
06. Verses In The City (feat. The Absoujah & Spicco) 

Halfabrick & Alterbeats – Revolutionary Tactics (2009)


01. Revolutionary Tactics
02. That’s Me
03. Concoctions of Realness
04. New York Rhymes Side
05. Family Ties 

Chief Kamachi - Rise & Rhyme Vol.1 (2012)


1. 3rd Lecture (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
2. 90′s Flow (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
3. Chuck D (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
4. Return Of The 7
5. Get Righteous Or Die Tryin
6. Patriot Gamez (feat. Killah Priest, Vendetta Kingz, Columbo Black & Contra Psalmz)
7. Rise and Rhyme
8. Rap W***e (Part 1)
9. Barefoot Assasins (feat. Vendetta Kingz) (cuts by DJ White Shadow)
10. Bulletproof Auras
11. Soul Soldier
12. Hood Symphony
13. City Blocks
14. Saviour Of Ages (feat. G8ABAK & Vendetta Kingz)
15. The Gypsy
16. Swift Angels (feat. Merc Versus)
17. Last Night In Babylon