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martes, 11 de marzo de 2014

Gamblez - Hellfire and Brimston (2014)


01.HellFire and Brimstone DJ TMB intro
02.Filthy Savages Prod. Sicknature F  Frantik, Skull Bludgeon, DJ TMB
03.The Atom Complex Prod. Decipher F The Ancient Astronauts
04.My Dogz Iz My Dogz Prod. DJ Extremidiz F  Frantik
05.Family Circle Prod. Dr. G F  Frantik, Lyrical & Decipher
06.Take The Time Prod. Frantik F  Empire
07.Wall of Shadowz Prod. Prophet-One F  Frantik & Gage-One
08.What You Tryin' To Say_ Prod. Dr. G F  King Pone & Frantik
09.Code Red Prod. Nix F  Frantik & King Pone
10.Set You Free Prod. Decipher
11.Shadows Approaching Prod. Frantik F  June Haze & Frantik
12.The Cure Prod. Frantik F  Ayce & Frantik
13.Memories Prod. Frantik F  Empire & Chief Kamachi
14.Weapon X Prod. DJ Extremidiz F  Shabazz The Disciple, Kevlaar 7, Frantik & Serum
15.Cried My Last Tear Prod. Frantik F  Frantik & Halfabrick
16.Long Ago Prod. Frantik F  Purpose, Gage-One, Frantik & Halfabrick
17.World Gone Mad Prod. Dr. G F  Frantik
18.Palm of My Hand Prod. Nix F Mina Fedora

martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Empire (Hectik & Gamblez) - On Tha Rize (2009)


01 Frantik The God Intro
02 Straight Outta Empire
03 Ice Pick Rap ft. Frantik.
04 Fuck With the Squad ft. Kollision, Frantik & Grimface
05 We Here Now
06 Eyes Wide Shut
07 Livin' Legends ft. Decipher
08 One 2 Da Dome ft. J-Spliff
09 Swizz Beats Freestyle
10 Vocal Artillery ft. J-Spliff
11 The Ressurection ft. IrateFam
12 Broken Dreams (Prod. by Frantik)
13 The Game Is Mine
14 Path of Destruction
15 Deep Cover '08
16 On Tha Rize ft. Frantik
17 You Cant Stop Us

sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Gamblez & Imperial Skillz Empera - Legon Of Darkness (2012)


1. Behind Death’s Door
2. 7 Plaguez (feat. Scar The Messenger, Graveyard Shifter, Omen Ra, Vice Versa, Skull Bludgeon & Oz Arc Raider)
3. Legion of Darkness (feat. Skull Bludgeon, Labal-S & Raaddrr Van)
4. Rize of the Darkspawn (feat. Pryme Prolifik)
5. When Death Calls
6. Whispers In the Shadows (feat. Son Of Saturn & Konflikt The Guillotine) (cutz by DJ Tmb)
7. Lights In the Sky (feat. Si-Klon & Frantik)
8. Soundz of Insanity (feat. Skull Bludgeon)
9. Final Destruction (feat. Animal Cracker & Rypa)
10. Blood On My Handz
11. What Lurks Beneath (feat. Bimes Ill & Se7en Sandman) (cutz by DJ Coach One)
12. Legacy of Death (feat. Skull Damage & Icabod Chang)
13. Hate Is My Drug (cutz by DJ Coach One)
14. Horrorcore Worldwide (feat. Fake Flint & The Jotaka)
15. Murder Ya Conscience
16. Master of Horror (cutz by DJ Extremidiz) 

Gamblez, Skull Bludgeon, Frantik - Changing Of The Guard (2012)


1. Intro
2. Dungeonz
3. Evil Doers
4. Epic Proportions
5. Changing Of The Guard
6. Shatan (feat. Animal Cracker)
7. Zen Dialect
8. 5th Element
9. Nectar Of The Godz
10. D.E.A.D (feat. Hectik & Decipher 73I)
11. The Omen (feat. Seekz-1)
12. Death Screamz
13. Ballroom Massacre
14. Sewer Raps
15. Out The Cut (feat. Gage1 & Orion)
16. Blood Of The Dragon (feat. Cody Beastly)
17. Order In Chaos

Gamblez - What My Eyes See (2011)


1. Intro
2. Fuel To The Fire
3. The Takeover
4. Balance Beamz (War & Peace) (feat. Frantik & LMS)
5. A World Without Hip-Hop
6. U Wanna Hear Some More
7. Godz Handz (feat. Rhetoric, Decipher & Gage-One)
8. 7th Temple Assasins (feat. Si-Klon & DC The Truth)
9. Wrekshop 2
10. What My Eyes See (feat. Omen Ra)
11. Pig Destroyer (feat. Frantik & Serum)
12. Standing Dark Doors (Interlude)
13. Need Some Sleep
14. Bump This Shit
15. Banned From The Bible (feat. Frantik & Orion)
16. In Your Eyes (feat. Lyrical, Ayce & Frantik)
17. Alone In The Dark
18. Razor Sharp (feat. Decipher & Frantik)
19. Rize & Fall
20. Se La Vi
21. Changing Of The Guard Sampler 

Gamblez - Mind Of A Madman (2011)


1 Mind of a Madman (Prod. By Frantik)
2 Malevolence (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Bomshot)
3 Nightstalker (Prod. By Frantik)
4 Creepin' While You Sleepin' (Prod. By The Inphidel)
5 A Monster Is Born (Prod. By Frantik)
6 Pussy Enslavement (Prod. By Fost) (feat. Fost)
7 Pesticidez (Prod. By Frantik) (feat. Skull Bludgeon, Frantik &
Pryme Prolifik)
8 The Scrypt Keeper Massacre (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Frantik, Grimface &
9 Body Bagz (Prod. By Decipher)
10 Born On Friday The 13th (Prod. By Frantik) Gamblez
11 Scenes of Horror (Prod. By Fost) (feat. Decipher)
12 Possessed By Hatred (Prod. By Decipher) (feat. Decipher & Skull Bludgeon)
13 Exorcismz (Prod. By Amos)