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viernes, 18 de julio de 2014

Snowgoons & Virtuoso – CoVirt Ops: Infantry (2013) [Flac + 320]


1. Snow Blind
2. Snowgoons Infantry (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Reks)
3. Rainmaker
4. If You Lost Someone
5. G8 Conference Pt.1 (feat. Blacastan & Akrobatik)
6. Silent Conversation
7. Slapbox With Jesus
8. Ted Koppel (feat. M-Dot & V.Knuckles)
9. Blood in the Rain
10. White Linen
11. Sweatshop Deathrock (feat. Esoteric & Celph Titled)
12. Chaos Theory
13. Kaleidoscope Geometry (feat. Canibus & Evil Intentions)
14. Authentic
15. You’re Too Bad (feat. E’Flash & Jaysaun)
16. Live Like A Wire

FLAC                                    320KBPS

miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

Virtuoso - Bay of Pigs (Full Single) (2010)


01. Bay of Pigs Dirty 
02.Bay of Pigs Clean 
03.Bay of Pigs Instrumental  
04.Bay of Pigs Acapella 

Virtuoso - The Final Conflict (2010)


01. Introflection
02. The Final Conflict
03. Catch Me On 2
04. Punished By The Creator (Splinterlude 1)
05. Piercing
06. Hypnotic
07. The Art of Suffering (Splinterlude 2)
08. How to Make Fire
09. Heartbeat Stopper
10. No Fear Feat. Akrobatik & Casual
11. Voracity of Statement (Splinterlude 3)
12. Wie Kings Feat. Torch & DJ Haitian Star
13. Propaganda
14. The Bay of Pigs Feat. Vast Aire, Deltron 3030 & Pidi T
15. Spirit World (Splinterlude 4)
16. In My Lives
17. S.O.S. (The System Is Failing)
18. Outrospection 

Virtuoso - Big Bangers (Mixed by DJ Jayce (2005)


01.fall of the empire intro (ft_gza)
02.virt schilling ft virt cobain
03.cyclops eyedrops (ft_t-ruckus)
04.bodies drop(ft slaine and e.o.w.)
05.propaganda (ww3 exclusive)
06.medal of honor (ft rip shop and percee p)
07.on the run again (ft jaz-o and del)
08.back to basics
09.uppercut (ft rip shop) of the hour
11.big bang anthem (ft virt vonnegut)
12.speck of dust (ft gza)
13.yes sir (ftno doz and_t-ruckus)
14.breakbeat lullaby (ftdl no doz and exposition)
15.frankenrhyme (ft_t-ruckus)
17 philistines (ww3 exclusive)
18.v is for virus
19.dairy of diatribes pt 1
20.holleration (ft on and on and jayceeoh 

Virtuoso - World War Two Evolution Of The Torturer (2004)


1. Dream in
2. Devilish
3. War of the Masses (Ft. Del the Funky Homosapien)
4. Two (Ft. Rise & Shine)
5. Military Intelligence (Ft. Akrobatik)
6. Fahrenheit 911 (Ft. Slaine)
7. A Pound A Day
8. The Reaper
9. Animal
10. Creamatorium
11. On the Run Again (Ft. Jaz-O & Del the Funky Homosapien)
12. Man of the Hour
13. Dream Out
14. Epilogue (Ft. Torch) 

Virtuoso - World War One The Voice Of Reason (2001)


01.I’m Virtuoso
02.Beatdown ft. T-Ruckus & Jedi Mind Tricks
04.All We Know ft. Casual & Deltron 3030
07.Slicin’ Your Wrists
08.Provoke Me ft. Reks
09.Keep the Time
10.Show Respect
11.Orion’s Belt ft. Esoteric & Mr. Lif
12.Want Me ft. Iyadonna
14.Smash Ta’ Piece Theater
15.What We Live ft. Jaz-O & K.T.