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martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Sound & The Fury, Vol. 2 (2014)

01. Intro
02. Grustle
03. Energon 2
04. Act Right
05. Monsta
06. Speak Now
07. Concentration
08. Walkin On A Razor Pt. 2
09. Whut
10. Foul Thesis
11. Speak Truth
12. Darkness
13. Chameleon
14. Bases Loaded
15. Energon 3.0
16. Mexican Standoff
17. Heavy Hitters
18. Don't Bite
19. Bodybagz
20. Let Em Know

domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

S-Dub aka shabaam Sahdeeq ‎– Lord Of War (2006)


1. Lord Of War (AK47)
2. Suicide  [Featuring] – Bronze K
3. Got No Time  [Featuring] – Bronze K
4. Rize Up
5. Get Lifted  [Featuring] – China Black, Killah Priest, Tru Mac
6. Sick  [Featuring] – Bronze K
7. Beef  [Featuring] – Smoke Bronson, Zeqway
8. Summertime  [Featuring] – Tiyephoenix
9. Over And Out
10. BK Bullshit   [Featuring] – Bronze K
11. S Be The Seal
12. On The Way To The Top   [Featuring] – Hell Raizah*, Killah Priest, Naomi Sparks
13. Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea  [Featuring] – Zeqway
14. According To Life  [Featuring] – Heathen & Diggs
15. S-Dub & Truck Turner Freestyle  [Featuring] – Truck Turner

Polyrhythm Addicts ‎– Rhyme Related (1999)


1. Motion 2000 3:37
2. Take Me Home  [Featuring] – Pharoah Monch
3. Not Your Ordinary
4. Big Phat Boom Intro
5. Big Phat Boom
6. No Limit
7. Nervous Breakdown
8. Should Have Known Better
9. Not Your Ordinary - Rhythm Revolution
10. Seven Steps Behind   [Featuring] – Joc Max, Kriminul

lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Keepers Of The Lost Art (2014)

Brooklyn veteran spit kicker Shabaam Sahdeeq has returned with his fifth studio album, Keepers Of The Lost Art. The relentless lyricist delivers a body of work that puts his lyrical aptitude at the forefront, while placing an emphasis on top shelf production and cuts, courtesy of Ran Reed, Lewis Parker, DJ Dister, DJ Ready Cee and DJ Skizz, to name a few. 


01. Keepers Of The Lost Art (prod. by Res Nullius)
02. Conceited Confidence (prod. by Ran Reed)
03. Playing Games (prod. by Lewis Parker)
04. Speak Truth (feat. Reks & Kamala) [prod. by DJ Ready Cee]
05. Walk With the Light (prod. by Lewis Parker)
06. That Dope (feat. Wais P & Sha Stimuli) [prod. by DJ Skizz]
07. Hardbody & Heavy (feat. Half A Brick, EastKoast & DJ Dister) [prod. by Lewis Parker]
08. Tranquilo (prod. by Harry Fraud)
09. Grown Man Hustle (feat. Eric Rico) [prod. by Lewis Parker]
10. The Come Back Kid (feat. Skyzoo and F.T.) [prod. By DJ Skizz]
11. Seasons Change (prod. by Lewis Parker)
12. City of Fame (feat. Mic Handz) [prod. by Teike van Baden]
13. He Who Dares (feat. Lewis Parker) [prod. by Lewis Parker]
14. Fall In Line (prod. by DJ Wonder)
15. O.G. Certified (feat. Tragedy Khadafi & DJ Ready Cee) [prod. by Lewis Parker]
16. Done It All (feat. Bekay) [prod. by DJ Dister]
17. Relax (Remix) [prod. by DJ Dister]
18. Energon 2 (feat. Spit Gemz & DJ Dister) [prod. by One Take]
19. Honor Me Now (Remix) [prod. by Science of Vinyl Villains]
20. U Don’t Want None (feat. General DV) [prod. by AlterBeats]

Bonus Tracks:

21. Cut From a Different Cloth (feat. Hakim) [prod. by Donald Robinson Cole the 3rd]
22. Do You (prod. by DJ Spinna)
23. Motion Picture (prod. by DJ Spinna)

Quality: 256Kbps
Size: 168 MB

lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

Shabaam Sahdeeq - Sound Clash / 5 Star Generals (VLS) (1998)


A1 Sound Clash (Radio)  
A2 Sound Clash (Instrumental)  
A3 Pendilum (Radio)  
B1 5 Star Generals (Street)
B2 5 Star Generals (Radio)
B3 5 Star Generals (Instrumental)