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miércoles, 6 de julio de 2016

Psix – The Mystical Voice of the Spiritworld (2015)

1. The Wolfman. ft. Agallah 
2. Y Battle U. ft. Rhymageddon
3. Bad Lieutenant. ft. King Mike-V
4. Comin' Through. ft. Tragic Allien
5. Circus Atmosphere. ft. Rook da Rukus
6. Roughneck Hip-Hop. ft. J. Smith
7. Crime Round Up. ft. Ruthless Bastards
8. Wishing On A Dream. ft. EQ
9. That's How You Do It. ft. K-Rino
10. Real. ft. Sha Gotti, Bliz Laden & Stumik
11. Reborn Allaw. ft. Reborn Allaw
12. The Killers Are Kings. ft. King Mike-V
13. There Is Life After Death. (Interlude)
14. Skull Meets Hammer. ft. T-N-T
15. Hit 'Em. ft. Big Gastino
16. Allies Of Terror. ft. League of Shadows
17. The American Dream. ft. Nico the Beast
18. Revenge. (Interlude)
19. The Count Of Monte Cristo. ft. Sha Gotti
20. Let's Go Home. (Outro)

domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Psix Presents Underworld Netherlands - The Word Became Flesh and Blood... (2012)


The Golden Touch (feat. Rook da Rukus, Duhnokah da Great, Schoppenaas & Psix)
Crime Spree (feat. Big Gastino, Crisis, Steadfast, Melk$$$$ & D Cypha)
Organised Rime Family (feat. Don Valentino, King Mike V, Virus One, Psix, Empne, Roeschti & Schoppenaas)
The Church of Madness (feat. Gurilla Grodd, Crisis, Schoppenaas & D Cypha)
Playin' God (feat. Big Gastino)
2 da People (Tell 'M Where U From) [feat. King Mike V, Virus One, Psix & Empne]
Live By the Law (feat. Taiyamo Denku, Schoppenaas, Rook da Rukus & Psix)
Empty Shells (Konservokoutia) [feat. Empne & D Cypha]
The Seven Gods of Chaos (feat. 80 Proof, J Smith, Lord Q, Steadfast, King Mike V & D Cypha)
The Spectacle (feat. Schoppenaas, King Mike V, Psix & Steadfast)
Process of the Come Up (feat. King Mike V, Schoppenaas, J Smith, Pherom One, Mighty Warrior, Grim, Ajfms, Risskant, Anonymouz, Steadfast, Psix & D Cypha)
Menacing Sound (Bedreigend Geluid) [feat. Stihopathis & Empne]
Bloodlettin' (feat. Insane Poetry)