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sábado, 11 de enero de 2014

Mark Deez & Kanis Lu – Of Beasts & Men (2014)

Gracias a Ghwueasck


1. Musique (Produced by Panik of Molemen)
2. The Long Awaited (Produced by Luka Beats)
3. Sick Basturds (ft Kaz Hustle) (Produced by White Shadow)
4. Thirteen and A Half (Produced by Aak.Da.God)
5. Bar Fight (Produced by Velvet Sick)
6. The Haunted (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Shazam X)
7. Bow Your Heads (ft Dell G) (Produced by Shazam X)
8. Real Rap Raw (ft Bigg Limn & Powder) (Produced by Crown)
9. Bomb Ya Spot (Produced by Luka Beats)
10. Stalemate (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Level 13)
11. Boot Camp (Produced by Aak.Da.God)
12. Pandemic (ft DChesron) (Produced by Keor Meteor)
13. Glorious (Produced by Soul Theory)
14. Boundless (Cuts by Mr. Enok) (Produced by Ahreef Beats)
15. Cosmic Travelers (Cuts by White Shadow) (Produced by Pyrit)
16. No Regrets (ft Sarah J) (Produced by Level 13)

jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Mark Deez & Keko - The Cycle Of Struggle (2010)


1. Intro
2. The Overseers
3. Acid Aqueduct
4. Grindhouse Theatre
5. Legends of The Fall (Featuring Whichcraft and Powder)
6. Tombstone Tactics (Featuring Bigg Limn)
7. Hallucination Harmony
8. Stomach Ache (Featuring Powder)
9. The Struggle
10. God’s With Me
11. All Flames Extinguished (Featuring 2Ugli)
12. Keep It Moving (Featuring Powder)
13. The Watchers of The Watchmen (Featuring Dr. iLL aka Malpraktiz)
14. A Higher Level/Outro

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Mark Deez - Oracle 2: Ascension Drops (2012)


1. Oracle 2: Intro (Produced by Archimedes)
2. Turn Away (Cuts by DJ Madhandz) (Produced by Twisted Edge)
3. Trouble of The World (Produced by Powder aka Casey Jones)
4. I Do It For… (Produced by Domingo)
5. Adjust The Frequency (Featuring Bigg Limn & Dr. iLL) (Produced by Joppa Smoot)
6. No Doubt (Produced by DJ JS-1)
7. Jump Start (Featuring EQ, Access Immortal, & Kanis Lu) (Cuts by White Shadow) (Produced by Vherbal)
8. Samurai Demons II (Featuring Bigg Limn & Powder) (Cuts by White Shadow) (Produced by White Shadow)
9. On My Own (Produced by Magic-Boy)
10. More Than Live (ft Supreme Sol) (Cuts by DJ Madhandz) (Produced by Mr. Hologram)
11. On Blast (Produced by Raw Substance)
12. Feelin Demented (Produced by Big O)
13. Never Give In (ft Jr Black, Mac x Slim, & Antonio Chance) (Cuts by TMB) (Produced by Pen Pointz)
14. In The Zone (Featuring Dr. iLL & Powder) (Cuts by White Shadow) (Produced by Snowgoons)
15. Therapy (Featuring Jon Murdock) (Produced by Powder aka Casey Jones)
16. My Only Weapon (Produced by J-Nyce)
17. The Narcissist (Produced by Mitologic)
18. My Testimony (Featuring NiANiMa) (Produced by Padlock)
19. To The Fallen (Produced by Jenova 7)
20. Ascension (Featuring Sacre Noir) (Produced by UV Beatz)
21. 41 Days (Produced by White Shadow)


1.8:41 PM (Produced by Gary Francis)
2.Beau Jack (Produced by Type Beats)
3. Invisible Mines (Cuts by TMB) (Produced by MoTioN)
4.Battle Axe Cypher (Featuring Bigg Limn & Just-1) (Produced by Brods)
5. Grand Daddy (Featuring N.B.S.) (Produced by Amos The Ancient Prophet)
6. For The Fans (Featuring Antonio Chance) (Produced by Rudebwoy)
7. In The Studio (Produced by Soul Theory)
8. Thief in The Night (Produced by Kanis Lu)
9. Phenomenon (ft Dr. iLL & Powder) (Produced by Faz)
10. The Siren of Ancient Loving (Produced by Trilian)
11. Ascension (razorSHARPE Remix)
12.The Abyss (Produced by Jenova 7)
13.If You Love The Culture (Featuring Fatha Death) (Produced by Powder)
14. The Clock (Produced by Damocles)
15. The Universe (Produced by Mike Savi)
16. No Play (Produced by Chize)
17. Stand & Salute (Featuring Junclassic) (Produced by Sick Luke)
18.The Scene is Ours (Featuring Jr Black) (Produced by Real Words Music)
19. Here I Am (Produced by Type Beats)
20. Y.O.L.T. (You Only Live Twice) (Remix) (ft Dras) (Produced by Pompey)