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domingo, 15 de junio de 2014

Icabod Chang The Headless Shogun - The Secret Scrolls (2012)


1. "ITZ BEGUN!!" (A 12TH Dan Prod. souped by Icabod) 02:33
2. "DARK SCROLL KEEPER" (A Ringz Ov Saturn Prod.) 02:35
3. "BLOODY SUNSET" Ft. Kogeemo (An Anatomy Beats Prod.) 02:04
4. "1000 YEARZ OV DEATH" Ft. Professor Gravestone Face and Vital Sign (A Ringz Ov Saturn Prod.) 03:55
5. "SILENCE" (2009) (Dutchouse)(An Anno Domino Prod.) 03:28
6. "6 POLLUTED WIZDOMZ" (A Rawgitt Sunn Prod.) 03:33
7. "WAR MONGERS" Ft Nomad (A Lexen Prod.) 04:16
8. "TORTURE CHAMBER" (A Raw Threat Prod.) 03:10
9. "ABOVE THE CLOUDS" Ft. Mr Phixit, The Fact and Mic Lanny (A Jack Of All Trades Prod.) 03:45
10. "SECRET SCROLLS (INTERLUDE)" (A Ringz Ov Saturn Prod.) souped by Icabod 02:39
11. "HELLZ WEBB" Ft Teslas Ghost (A RingZ Ov Saturn Prod.) 03:43
12. "SHARPS!!" FtBeretta 9 (kinetic) (A Shaolin 42nd Chamber Prod.) 03:28
13. "LONELY" (2009) (A Hattory Prod.) 03:39
14. "DEAD MANS DIARY" (2010) (A Vint Mentalz Prod.) 02:53
15. "SUPRISE ATTACK" (A 3rd Chambah Prod.) 02:42
16. "DUSTY VIOLINIST" Ft Mina Fidora (A Shaolin 42nd Chamber Prod.) 02:47
17. "A ZOMBIE CURSE" Ft. Incaperseverance King Pain (A Shaolin 42nd Chamber Prod.) 03:58
18. "ACHLUPHOBIA" (A Ringz Ov Saturn Prod.) 03:35
19. "DEEP FURY" (A Shaolin 42nd Chamber Prod.) Souped By Icabod 03:36

viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Icabod Chang The Headless Shogun - Sinister Sect EP (2012)


1. Introdiction
2. Behind Barz
3. Ottobiography (Doc Ock) 
4. True Grit (Flint Marko) 
5. Super Villianous
6. WCDB Live Bulletin (Lobo Skit)
7. The Sinister Six (Feat. Mr Phixit, Flint Marko, Sween, The Vulture, Skull Bludgeon, Mystereo, Teslas Ghost, Electro, Don Smog, Kraven The Hunter, Doc Ock-An Amos The Ancient) 
8. Outrodiction