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lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Busta Rhymes ‎– The Coming (1996)


1 The Coming (Intro)
2 Do My Thing
3 Everything Remains Raw
4 Abandon Ship
5 Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check
6 It's A Party
7 Hot Fudge
8 Ill Vibe
9 Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad
10 Still Shining
11 Keep It Movin
12 The Finish Line
13The End Of The World (Outro)

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Busta Rhymes ‎– Do My Thing / Abandon Ship (Vinyl 12" Promo) (1996)


A1. Do My Thing (LP Version Clean)
A2. Do My Thing (DJ Scratch Remix Clean)
A3. Do My Thing (LP Version Instrumental)
A4. Do My Thing (DJ Scratch Remix Instrumental)
B1. Abandon Ship (LP Version Clean)
B2. Abandon Ship (DJ Scratch Remix Clean)
B3. Abandon Ship (LP Version Instrumental)
B4. Abandon Ship (DJ Scratch Remix Instrumental)

sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Busta Rhymes ‎– Dangerous (CDS) (1997)


1. Dangerous (Album Version)
2. Dangerous (Instrumental)
3. Dangerous (Acappella)
4. You Won't Tell, I Won't Tell
5. Coming Off
6. You Won't Tell, I Won't Tell (Instrumental)
7. Coming Off (Instrumental)

jueves, 19 de septiembre de 2013

B Real, Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL Cool J & Method Man ‎– Hit 'Em High (The Monstars' Anthem) (CDM) (1997)


1. Hit 'Em High (Radio Edit)
2. Hit 'Em High (Extended Mix)
3. Hit 'Em High (Extended Track Masters Remix) Remix – Track Masters
4. Hit 'Em High (Original Instrumental)

miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013

Busta Rhymes - The Coming (1996)


1.The Coming (Intro) 
2.Do My Thing 
3.Everything Remains Raw 
4.Abandon Ship  
5.Woo-Hah!! Got You All in Check 
6.It's a Party 
7.Hot Fudge 
8.Ill Vibe 
9.Flipmode Squad Meets Def Squad 
10.Still Shining 
11.Keep It Movin 
12.The Finish Line 
13.The End of the World (Outro)  


sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Busta Rhymes - It's A Party (Vls) (1996)


01.Ill Vibe (LP Version - Acappella) 
02.Ill Vibe (LP Version - Clean) 
03.Ill Vibe (LP Version - Instrumental) 
04.Ill Vibe (Ummah Remix, The - Clean)
05.It's a Party (AllStar Remix - Clean) 
06.It's a Party (LP Version - Acappella) 
07.It's a Party (LP Version - Clean) 
08.It's a Party (LP Version - Instrumental) 
09.It's a Party (Ummah Remix, The - Clean) 

jueves, 15 de noviembre de 2012

Busta Rhymes - The Heist (German Promo Vinyl) (2000)


A1. The Heist (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Roc Marciano)
A2. The Heist (Instrumental)
A3. The Heist (Accapella)
A4. Enjoy Da Ride (Accapella)
A5. Show Me What You Got (Accapella)
B1. Enjoy Da Ride
B2. Enjoy Da Ride (Instrumental)
B3. Show Me What You Got
B4. Show Me What You Got (Instrumental)