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lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Gza - Liquid Swords (The Chess Box Edition) (2012) [Flac + 320]


1. Liquid Swords
2. Duel Of The Iron Mic  [Featuring] – Dreddy Kruger, Master Killer A.K.A. Noodles, Rolly Fingers A.K.A. Inspecta Deck
3. Living In The World Today
4. Gold
5. Cold World  [Featuring] – Rolly Fingers A.K.A. Inspector Deck
6. Labels
7. 4th Chamber   [Featuring] – Killah Priest, RZA, Tony Starks AKA Ghost Face Killer
8. Shadowboxin'   [Featuring] – Johnny Blaze A.K.A. Method Man
9. Hell's Wind Staff   [Featuring] – Dreddy Kruger, Killah Priest, Master Killer
10. Killah Hills 10304
11. Investigative Reports  [Featuring] – Lou Diamond A.K.A. Raekwon The Chef, Lucky Hands A.K.A. U-God, Tony Starks 
12. Swordsman   [Featuring] – Killah Priest
13. I Gotcha Back
14. Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth  Producer – 4th Disciple   [Featuring] – Killah Priest

2 CD Bonus Instrumental

1. Liquid Swords (Instrumental)
2. Duel Of The Iron Mic (Instrumental)
3. Living In The World Today (Instrumental)
4. Gold (Instrumental)
5. Cold World (Instrumental)
6. Labels (Instrumental)
7. 4th Chamber (Instrumental)
8. Shadowboxin' (Instrumental)
9. Killah Hills 10304 (Instrumental)
10. Investigative Reports (Instrumental)
11. I Gotcha Back (Instrumental)

     FLAC                                   320Kbps         

Gza - Beneath The Surface (1999) [Flac + 320]


01 Intro
02 Amplified Sample
03 Beneath The Surface (Feat. Killah Priest & RES)
04 Skit #1
05 Skit #2
06 Crash Your Crew (Feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard)
07 Breaker, Breaker
08 High Price, Small Reward (Feat. Masta Killa)
09 Hip Hop Fury (Feat. RZA & Dreddy Kruger and Hell Raiza & Timbo King)
10 Skit #3
11 1112 (Feat. Masta Killa & Killah Priest and Njeri)
12 - Skit #4
13 Victim (Feat. Njeri & Joan Davis)
14 Publicity
15 Feel Like An Enemy (Feat. Trigga & Hell Raiza and Prodigal Sonn & Killah Priest)
16 Stringplay (Feat. Method Man)
17 Mic Trippin'
18 Outro (Feat. LA The Darkman & Timbo King)  

FLAC                                    320Kbps

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Dysposable Heroes Presents Genius Vs Genius (2008)


01. She Knows Genius
02. Labels-Alright
03. Ring For Mama
04. Publicity Blues
05. Genius Interview 1
06. Leaving The Surface
07. Till The End
08. Fame To My Soul
09. No Achievement In The Game
10. Genius Interview 2
11. The Right World 3rd
12. New York Triumph

sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

GZA ‎– Liquid Swords (Instrumentals) (1995)


A1. Liquid Swords
A2. Duel Of The Iron Mic
A3. Living In The World Today
B1. Gold
B2. Cold World
B3. Labels
C1. 4th Chamber
C2. Shadowboxin'
C3. Killah Hills 10304
D1. Investigative Reports
D2. I Gotcha Back

viernes, 9 de agosto de 2013

Gza ‎– Knock Knock (Cds Promo) (2002)


1. Knock, Knock (Radio Edit)
2. Knock, Knock (Instrumental)
3. Knock, Knock (Album Version)

Gza – Words From A Genius (Cds Promo) (1991)


1. Words From A Genius (Remix)
2. Words From A Genius (Radio Edit)
3. Words From A Genius (Instrumental)

GZA - Come Do Me (CDS) (1991)


01. Come Do Me (Remix/Fade)
02. Come Do Me (Remix)
03. Come Do Me (Extended Remix)
04. Come Do Me (Dub)

Gza - Shadowboxin (Tape Promo) (1995)


A1. Shadowboxin' (LP Version) Featuring – Method Man
A2. Shadowboxin' (Instrumental Version)
B1. 4th Chamber (LP Version) Featuring – Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest, RZA
B2. 4th Chamber (Instrumental Version)

jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

Gza ‎– Liquid Swords (Vinyl 12") (1995)


01. Liquid Swords (Late Night Radio)
02. Liquid Swords (Clean)
03. Liquid Swords (LP Version)
04. Labels (Clean)
05. Labels (GZA Mix)

Gza ‎– Fame (Promo Vls) (2002)


A1. Fame (Radio Edit)
A2. Fame (Instrumental)
B1. Fame (Album Version)
B2. Fame (Instrumental W/ Hook)

Gza ‎– Official Gza Sampler (Tape) (1999)



1- Breaker Breaker / String Play / Crash Your Crew / Beneath The Surface
2. Publicity


1. Breaker Breaker / String Play / Crash Your Crew / Beneath The Surface
2. Publicity

Gza ‎– Breaker Breaker (Remix) (Vinyl 12" Promo) (1999)


A1. Breaker, Breaker (Remix) (Clean Version)
A2. Breaker, Breaker (Remix) (Instrumental)
B1. Breaker, Breaker (Remix) (Explicit)
B2. Breaker, Breaker (Remix) (Acappella)

Gza - Beneath The Surface (Cds) (1999)


01. Beneath The Surface (Radio Version)
02. Beneath The Surface (instrumental)
03. Beneath The Surface (Acapella)
04. Beneath The Surface (Club Remix Radio Version)
05. Beneath The Surface (Club Remix Instrumental)

GZA ‎– Labels (Vinyl 12") (1995)


A1. Labels (Original)
A2. Labels (Clean)
A3. Labels (Instrumental)
B1. Labels (Original) Remix – RZA
B2. Labels (Clean) Remix – RZA
B3. Labels (Instrumental) Remix – RZA
B4. Labels (Acappella)

Gza - Hip Hop Fury (Promo Vls) (1999)


A1. Hip Hop Fury (Radio Edit)
A2. Hip Hop Fury (Instrumental)
B. Hip Hop Fury (LP Version)

Gza - Pass The Bone (Vls) (1991)


A. Pass The Bone
B. Pass The Bone (Instrumental)

Gza ‎– I Gotcha' Back (Vls) (1994)


A1. I Gotcha' Back (Album Version)
A2. I Gotcha' Back (Radio Edit)
B. I Gotcha' Back (Instrumental)