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sábado, 23 de julio de 2016

Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple - R.I.P. Thug Angelz (2016)

1.Back Again
2.Keep Ya Wingz Up
4.Burnt Offering
5.Motherly Love
7.So Virtuous
8.Harlots ft 7th Ambassador
10.Our Father
12.Prison Planet
13.Other Wing
14.2012 (Bonus)
15.Rock Alien (Bonus)
16.Pass the Halo (Bonus)
18.Pass the Halo (Bonus)
19.Smite Them (Bonus)

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Brooklyn Bullshit EP (Vinyl 12") (2000)


A1. Brooklyn Bullshit (Main)
A2. Brooklyn Bullshit (Clean)
A3. Bail Money (Main)
B1. Bail Money (Clean)
B2. Parallel Testimonies (Main)
B3. Parallel Testimonies (Clean)
B4. Brooklyn Bullshit (Acapella)

Shabazz The Diciple & Supreme Kourt ‎– Untitled EP (Vinyl 12") (1998)


A1. Intro
A2. Terror In The City
A3. Party With A Tec
A4. Little Shop Of Horrors
B1. Take Your Time
B2. Die Trying
B3. Breathing For You

Shabazz The Disciple & Dj Extremidiz (2010)


1. The Opening 01:16
2. The Kite (skit) 00:54
3. Heist (With A Vengeance) 04:26
4. Brooklyn Niggaz 03:56
5. Article 2 (skit) 01:30
6. Self Defense 04:19
7. State Of Emergency (skit) 01:56
8. Projects Unda Seige (F.E.M.A) 04:20
9. Dem Huntin' Blood (skit) 02:06
10. The Bush Verdict 05:03
11. Police In Helicoptah (skit) 02:14
12. Hood Selassie 03:46
13. Shabazz For Prezident (skit) 01:08
14. Heir To The Throne 03:48
15. Jewelz (skit) 01:37
16. Headtime Story (Pilgrimz Story) 04:01
17. All Who Believe (skit) 00:45
18. The Savior (Hidden Scrollz) 04:10
19. The Stoning (skit) 01:23
20. The Sun Of Man Must Suffah (Feat. Hellrazah & Aslan) 03:28
21. Blood Of The Saints (skit) 01:01
22. Hate The Whore 03:55
23. High Court (skit) 01:08
24. Higher Clemency 04:39
25. Eve Of The Apocalypse 02:28
26. Brimstone & Fiyah 03:33
27. The Closure (outro) 01:19
28. Page Two (The Sabbath) 03:48

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz) (2008)


1. N.P.P.
2. B.I.D. (Blessing In Disguise)
3. Bail Money
4. Ya Exodust
5. I'm Breathing For You
6. Lord, Why Marion
7. Peep Game
8. Crime Saga 2 (The Saga Continues)
9. Punanyay
10. Ricki Ricardo (Pimpy Behaviour)
11. Isiah 3:16's
12. Daughter's Of Zion
13. Sebilibong Bang!
14. Honk Ya Hornz
15. Point Game Featuring – Yay-Yay
16. Last Ghospel Of David (1 Thug!)
17. F-Train (Easter Sunday '88)

miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2013

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Red Hook Day bw Thieves In Da Nite (Heist) (Vinyl 12") (2003)


A1. Red Hook Day (Clean) Producer – MistaJam
A2. Red Hook Day (Dirty) Producer – MistaJam
A3. Red Hook Day (Instrumental) Producer – MistaJam
B1. Thieves In Da Nite (Heist) (Vinyl Thug Clean Mix) Producer – 7L [Featuring] – Killah Priest, Lil' Dap
B2. Thieves In Da Nite (Heist) (Vinyl Thug Instrumental) Producer – 7L
B3. Thieves In Da Nite (Heist) (Q-Unique Mix) [Featuring] – Killah Priest, Lil' Dap

viernes, 11 de octubre de 2013

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Street Parables bw Organized Rime (Pt. II) (Vinyl 12") (1997)


A1. Prelude To Pestilence (Interlude)
A2. Street Parables (Radio) [Featuring] – Lord Jamar
A3. Street Parables (Spiritualmental)
A4. Organized Rime (Pt. II) (Accapella) [Featuring] – Lord Jamar
B1. The Link (Interlude)
B2. Organized Rime (Pt. II) (Street)
B3. Organized Rime (Pt. II) (Radio)
B4. Organized Rime (Pt. II) (Spiritualmental)

jueves, 10 de octubre de 2013

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– The Lambs Blood (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A. The Lamb's Blood
B. The Lamb's Blood (Spiritualmental)

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Introducing: Ghetto Apostles (Vinyl 12") (1998)


Mental Side

A1. Ghetto Apostles (Main Mix) Featuring – Freestyle, Poetic
A2. Ghetto Apostles (Carlos 'C12' Bess Mix) Featuring – Freestyle, Poetic

 Spiritual Side

B1. Ghetto Apostles (Spiritualmental Main)
B2. Ghetto Apostles (Spiritualmental Remix)
B3. Ghetto Apostles (Acapella) Featuring – Freestyle, Poetic

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Crime Saga (CDS Promo) (1995)

Simplemente Perfecto, Sin peros, Crime Saga Es Un Corte Clasico, Oscuro, De Los De Antes, De Los Que Ya No Quedan. Shabazz Es Capaz De Ipnotizarte En Su Espiral Y No Dejarte Salir Asta Que Llega al final . Todo El Mundo Se Jarta De Ser Underground Señores Tomen Ejemplo La formula Ya Esta Inventada.  Enjoy.


1. Crime Saga
2. Crime Saga (Remix)
3. Conscious Of Sin
4. Crime Saga (Spiritualmental)
5. Conscious Of Sin (Spiritualmental)
6. Crime Saga (Accapella)

sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Shabazz The Disciple ‎– Death Be The Penalty (CDS) (1995)


1. Death Be The Penalty (Original Clean Mix)
2. Death Be The Penalty (Clean Remix)
3. Death Be The Penalty (Instrumental)
4. Death Be The Penalty (Acappella)
5. Righteous Chamber (Interlude)
6. Conscious Of Sin (Vocal)
7. Conscious Of Sin (Instrumental)
8. Conscious Of Sin (Acappella)
9. Death Be The Penalty (Remix Instrumental)

sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

shabazz the disciple & supreme kourt - take your time (untitled ep) (1998)


A1.Intro 1:05
A2.Terror In The City 4:12
A3.Party With A Tec 3:57
A4.Little Shop Of Horrors 4:42
B1.Take Your Time 5:30
B2.Die Trying 4:12
B3.Breathing For You 4:50 

domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

T.H.U.G. Angelz (Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple) - Welcome To Red Hook Houses(2008)


01 Cab Ride (Opening)
02 Welcome To Red Hook Houses
03 Jail Saga
04 The Obiturary (E.B.G.G.)
05 My Brothers Keeper
06 Gang Love
07 South Brooklyn (The Anthem)
08 Audiobiography (Remix)
09 Apt. 7G (Blacksmiths)
10 The Visit (feat. 7th Ambassador)
11 Under The Wing
12 Confessions Of A T.H.U.G. Angel (Closing)
13 144,000  

martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

Shabazz The Disciple - The Book Of Shabbazz (Hidden Scrollz) (2003)

01 The Opening (Intro) feat. Young Anutt
02 Righteous Chamba (Skit)
03 Red Hook Day
04 1st Annual Bootleg Music Awards
05 Hip Pop
06 Oasis
07 Surrender (Thieves In Da Nite Pt.2)
09 Son Rise (Leek Lover Interlude)
10 Cremate 'Em
11 Crime Saga
12 Passover (Skit)
13 Street Parables feat. Lord Jamar
14 Thieves In Da Nite (Heist) feat. Killah Priest & Lil' Dap
15 Organized Rime Pt. 2
16 Blasphemy
17 Ghetto Apostles feat. Freestyle, Poetic & R.H. Bless
18 The Lamb's Blood
19 War Trilogy (P.O.W. - Projects Of War) feat. Freestyle
20 War Trilogy (M.I.A. - Militia Incarcerated Alien)
21 War Trilogy (Ambush) feat. Freestyle