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sábado, 2 de diciembre de 2017

Medina Green / Self Scientific ‎– I See / Best Part (Vinyl 12") (1999)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

A1. Medina Green –. I See (Main Mix)
A2. Medina Green –. I See (TV Mix)
A3. Medina Green – I See (Instrumental)
B1. Self Scientific – Best Part (Mean Mix)
B2. Self Scientific – Best Part (Friendly Mix)
B3. Self Scientific – Best Part (Instrumental)

lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Self Scientific Presents The Works (1997-2002)


01  Self Scientific (ft Kombo)-One
02  Blitzkrieg Militia-Subterranean
03  Lao Fai (ft Chace Infinite)-My Word
04 Krondon-Hold It Down
05  Lao Fai-I Put My Life On It
06  Krondon-Always And Forever
07  Self Scientific (ft Don Krisis)-Opposition
08 Krondon-James Worthee
09 Krondon-The Best Form
10 Self Scientific-Evergreen
11  Korsican Brothers-Corona Deluxe
12  Kombo (ft Unspoken Heard)-Pop Shit
13 Self Scientific (ft Lao Fai n Don Krisis)-Sublevel Dominance
14  Self Scientific-Run The Depth
15  Self Scientific-Pentagon Paradox (Bonus Track)

viernes, 3 de enero de 2014

Self Scientific ‎– Trials Of The Blackhearted (2011)


1. Verses Vs. Versus
2. God's Language
3. War Stories [Featuring] – Big K.R.I.T
4. Lovesick
5. Leftside
6. Peaceful (Justice For Oscar) [Featuring] – Freddie Gibbs, Krondon
7. The Picture Show
8. Everywhere I Go [Featuring] – The Game,  Talib Kweli

Self Scientific ‎– Live N Breathe / King Kong (Vinyl 12") (2005)


A1. Live N Breathe (Clean)
A2. Live N Breathe (Album)
A3. Live N Breathe (Instrumental)
B1. King Kong (Clean) [Featuring] – Bun B
B2. King Kong (Album) [Featuring] – Bun B
B3. King Kong (Instrumental)

Self Scientific ‎– Tears / 2 Step (Vinyl 12") (2005)


A1. Tears (Clean)
A2. Tears (Album)
A3. Tears (Instrumental)
A4. Love Bird (Khalil's Theme) (Album) Featuring – Gretchen Parlato, Stefon Harris
AA1 . 2 Step (Clean)
AA2 . 2 Step (Album)
AA3. 2 Step (Instrumental)

Self Scientific ‎– Change (2005)


1. Intro
2. Change
3. Balance
4. King Kong
5. Tears
6. When I Die
7. Weight Of The World
8. 2 Step
9. Live N Breathe
10. Love Bird [Khalil's Theme]
11. Understand Me
12. Futurist
13. What You Need
14. Chace's Theme
15. Free Will

Self Scientific ‎– You Can't Fall (Vinyl 12") (2001)

A1. You Can't Fall (Radio) [Guest] – April Weller
A2. You Can't Fall (Album) [Guest] – April Weller
A3. You Can't Fall (Instrumental)
B1. Three Kings (Remix) (Radio) [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
B2. Three Kings (Remix) (Album) [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
B3. Three Kings (Remix) (Instrumental)

Self Scientific ‎– The Self Science (2001)


1. Opus (The Definition)
2. The Covenant
3. Best Part
4. Long Run
5. Cash Craft Featuring – Kombo
6. Three Kings Featuring – Krondon, Planet Asia
7. We All Need
8. Murderation Featuring – Stark Marshall
9. Young Harlot
10. The Self Science Producer – Jade Tiger
11. Duality
12. Love Allah Featuring – Krondon
13. Dead Honest
14. Anguish
15. Return

Self Scientific ‎– Three Kings (Vinyl 12") (2000)


A1. Three Kings (Radio) [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
A2. Three Kings (Album)  [Featuring] – Krondon, Planet Asia
A3. The Long Run (Radio)
A4. The Long Run (Album)
B1. Three Kings (Instrumental)
B2. The Long Run (Instrumental)
B3. Opposition [Featuring] – Don Crisis
B4. Opposition (Instrumental)

Self Scientific ‎– Run The Depth / Degrees (Vinyl 12") (1997)


Allah Side

A1. Run The Depth
A2. Run The Depth (Radio Edit)
A3. Degrees [Featuring] – Lord Nahl, Unikron

Born Side

B1. Run The Depth (T.V.)
B2. Run The Depth (Instrumental)
B3. Degrees (Instrumental)

Self Scientific ‎– Return / Sublevel Dominance (Vinyl 12") (1998)

Self Scientific consists of MC Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil from LA, California. Formed in 1994 as The Numbskulls, they originally cut a demo in Ice T's home studio. This demo led to then being signed to Loud Records in 1995 but this was short lived. They were eventually signed to a LA independent label SOL Music Works and came to prominence with the acclaimed release "Return" in 1998, followed by their debut LP "The Self Science" in 2001.


A1. Return (Full Mix)
A2. Sublevel Dominance (Full Mix) [Featuring] – Don Crisis, Lao Fe
A3. Sublevel Dominance (Radio Edit)  [Featuring] – Don Crisis, Lao Fe
B1. Return (Instrumental)
B2. Sublevel Dominance (Instrumental)
B3. Bonus Beat #1
B4. Bonus Beat #2