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miércoles, 4 de enero de 2017

Raw Produce - Selling Celery to Get a Salary Remixes, Demos & B-Sides (2007)


1. Sink or Swin
2. Nervous
3. Make a Mark
4. Breathe Deep (J. Rawls Remix)
5. Foundation
6. The Wack MC (Jon Doe Remix)
7. State of the Art (feat. Akrobatik, 7L & Esoteric) [Remix]
8. Cycles (Grooveman Spot Remix)
9. The Taker     Raw Produce
10. Fruit of Our Labor
11. Mr. Dope America
12. Make a Mark (Vinyl ReAnimators Remix)
13. Breathe Deep (Omid Remix)
14. Tried and True
15. Green Is the Color
16. Weight of the World (Lee Miles Remix)
17. The Feeling of Now (Thes One Remix)
18. Second Hand Smoke
19. Negative Darwinism (feat. Kofi)

viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Raw Produce ‎– Now And Then (2003)


1. The Feeling Of Now
2. Decomposure
3. The Wack MC
4. Perpetual Motion  feat – Esoteric
5. Cycles (Remix)
6. Voicemail
7. Mister Dope America
8. Weight Of The World (Remix)
9. T Is For Turnip
10. Fruit Of Our Labor
11. R.A.W.
12. Who's Right (Remix)
13. I Am Myself  feat  – Mr. Lif
14. Metastasis
15. Breathe Deep
16. Freestyle  feat – Kofi, Mike Ladd
17. The Dick Jam
18. Rick Cerone feat – Akrobatik
19. Step Inside The Lab
20. Cycles (Original)

jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

Raw Produce ‎– Mister Dope America / Up All Night (Vinyl 12") (1998)


A1. Mister Dope America
A2. Mister Dope America (Instrumental)
A3. Mister Dope America (Accapella)
B1. Up All Night
B2. Up All Night (Instrumental)
B3. Up All Night (Accapella)

Raw Produce ‎– The Feeling Of Now (2004)

192 KBPS

Boston based underground hip-hop group/production team consisted of Damian "Pitch" Roskill and Seth "Cadence" Boyd (passed away in March 2013).

1. This Is The Start...
2. The Feeling Of Now
3. Decomposure
4. The Wack MC
5. Grey Skies
6. G Is For Guava
7. Step Inside The Lab  Scratches – James Be-down
8. Not Available In Stores
9. Up All Night
10. Metastasis
11. Cycles
12. S Is For Spinach....
13. Perpetual Motion  Featuring – Esoteric
14. Freestyle  Featuring – Kofi, Mike Ladd
15. The Dick Jam
16. R-A-W
17. Breathe Deep
18. T Is For Turnip...
19. Rick Cerone  Featuring – Akrobatik
20. Weight Of The World
21. I Am Myself  Featuring – Mr. Lif
22. Voicemail...
23. Who's Right?
24. This Is The End...

Raw Produce ‎– The Feeling Of Now EP (2003)

192 KBPS

1. The Feeling Of Now
2. The F.O.N. (Thes-One Remix) Remix – Thes-One
3. Richard's Radio Jam
4. State Of The Art (Remix)  Featuring – 7L & Esoteric, Akrobatik, Checkmark Remix – Raw Produce
5. Cycles (Remix) Remix – Raw Produce
6. What I Do (From Cadence Poisons The Minds Of The Children)
7. The Feeling Of Now (Instrumental)
8. The Feeling Of Now (Thes-One Remix Instrumental) Remix – Thes-One

Raw Produce ‎– I Am Myself / R.A.W. (Vinyl 12") (2001)

192 KBPS

A1. I Am Myself (Radio)
A2. I Am Myself (Remix)
A3. I Am Myself (Instrumental)
A4. I Am Myself (Remix) (Instrumental)
A5. I Am Myself (Accapella)
B1. R.A.W. (Radio)
B2. R.A.W. (Instrumental)
B3. R.A.W. (Accapella)
B4. "W" (Bonus Track)

Raw Produce ‎– Cycles / Make A Mark (Vinyl 12") (1995)


A1. Cycles
A2. Make A Mark
A3. Make A Mark (Remix)  Remix – Vinyl Reanimators
B1. Cycles (Instrumental)
B2. Make A Mark (Instrumental)
B3. Make A Mark (Remix) (Instrumental)  Remix – Vinyl Reanimators
B4. Make A Mark (Acapella)

Raw Produce ‎– The Refrigerator Poetry EP (Vinyl 12") (1997)

192 KBPS

A1. Weight Of The World
A2. Step Inside The Lab Scratches – James Be-down
A3. Tried And True
B1. Foundation
B2. Weight Of The World (Remix)  Remix – Joe Mansfield
B3. Nervous