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lunes, 17 de abril de 2017

Poor Righteous Teachers ‎– Holy Intellect (1990)

1 Can I Start This?
2 Rock Dis Funky Joint
3 Strictly Ghetto
4 Holy Intellect
5 Shakiyla
6 Time To Say Peace
7 Style Dropped / Lessons Taught
8 Speaking Upon A Blackman
9 So Many Teachers
10 Word From The Wise
11 Butt Naked Booty Bless
12 Poor Righteous Teachers

Poor Righteous Teachers – Pure Poverty (1991)

1 Shakiyla (JRH)
2 Easy Star
3 Self-Styled Wisdom
4 Hot Damn I'm Great
5 Strictly Mash'ion
6 The Nation's Anthem
7 Each One Teach One
8 Rappin' Black
9 Just Servin' Justice
10 Freedom Or Death
11 Methods Of Droppin' Mental
12 Pure Poverty
13 I'm Comin' Again

Poor Righteous Teachers – Black Business (1993)

01 144K
02 Da Rill Shit
03 Nobody Move
04 Mi Fresh
05 Here We Go Again
06 Selah
07 Black Business
08 Get Off The Crack
09 None Can Test
10 Ghetto We Love
11 Rich Mon Time
12 Lick Shots

Poor Righteous Teachers - The New World Order (1996)

1 Who Shot The President? (Intro)
2 Miss Ghetto
3 Word Iz Life
4 Allies
5 New World News (Interlude)
6 Gods, Earths And 85ers
7 My Three Wives (Shakyla Pt. III)
8 Wicked Everytime
9 N.A.T.O. (Global Cops) (Interlude)
10 Conscious Style
11 Culture Freestyles (Interlude)
12 They Turned Gangsta
13 We Dat Nice
14 Hear Me Out (Interlude)
15 Fo Da Love Of Dis
16 Dreadful Day
17 Sistuh
18 outro

miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Poor Righteous Teachers ‎– Holy Intellect / Self-Styled Wisdom (Vinyl 12") (1990)


A1. Holy Intellect (Tryandblendit Remix)
A2. Holy Intellect (Album Version)
A3. Holy Intellect (Tryandblendit Instrumental)
B1. Self-Styled Wisdom
B2. Self-Styled Wisdom (Herewegoagain Instrumental)

Poor Righteous Teachers ‎– Rock Dis Funky Joint (Vinyl 12") (1990)


A1. Rock Dis Funky Joint (On Fire Remix)
A2. Rock Dis Funky Joint (On Fire Instrumental)
B1. Rock Dis Funky Joint (Album Version)
B2. Rock Dis Funky Joint (Radio Edit)
B3. Rock Dis Funky Joint (Midnight Croon)

Poor Righteous Teachers ‎– Nobody Move / Da Rill Shit (Vinyl 12") (1993)


A1. Nobody Move (Remix)
A2. Nobody Move (Instrumental)
A3. Nobody Move (Album Version)
B1. Da Rill Shit (Vocal)
B2. Da Rill Shit (Instrumental)