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miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

Mark B & Delirious ‎- New Skool Dean (Vinyl 12") (1998)

Quality: V.O.  –  Location: UK

A1. New Skool Dean (Street) Featuring - Tru
A2. New Skool Dean (Radio) Featuring – Tru 
A3. New Skool Dean (Instrumental)
A4. New Skool Dean (Accapella) Featuring - Tru
AA1 . New Skool Dean (Remix) Featuring - Tru 
AA2 . New Skool Dean (Remix Instrumental)
AA3 . It's Impossible Featuring - A-Cyde, Lewis Parker
AA4 . It's Impossible (Instrumental)

viernes, 12 de junio de 2015

Mark B & Blade ‎– Hitmen For Hire (1998)

192 Kbps

1. Intense Preparations  Featuring – Lewis Parker
2. Use Your Head
3. Labels That Don't Have A Clue (Skit)
4. The Late Night Special With My Man 'Mr. Thing' Featuring – Mr. Thing
5. Insight Magnificent
6. Lead The Way
7. The Nervous Mrs. Ren'ee Robertson (Skit)
8. Intense Preparations (Instrumental)
9. Use Your Head (Instrumental)
10. One To The Head (Skit)
11. Insight Magnificent (Instrumental)¡
12. Lead The Way (Instrumental)
13. Lead The Way (Acapella Snippet)

Mark B & Blade ‎– The Unknown (2000)

320 Kbps

1. From The Wordlab  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Plus One
2. Building A Rep  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Plus One
3. The Unknown  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Primecuts
4. Ya Don't See The Signs  Bass – 'No Sleep' Nigel  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Mr Thing
5. We Stay Rough  Featuring – Rodney P  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Mr Thing
6. Back In The Day  Human Beatbox – Blade  Producer, Scratches [Old School Cuts] – Mark B
7. The Long Awaited  Featuring – Lewis Parker, Skinnyman  Producer – Mark B
8. Right Here Right Now  Producer – Mark B
9. Hostile Takeover  Featuring – Chester P, Westwood Producer – Mark B   Scratches – Plus One
10. 24 Hours  Producer – Mark B  Scratches – Mr Thing
11. Split Personalities  Featuring – Al Tariq Producer – Mark B
12. One Shark One Piranha  Producer – Mark B
13. Bad Day

sábado, 6 de junio de 2015

Mark B ‎– Underworld Connection (Vinyl LP) (1997)

320 KBPS

A1. Underworld Connection
A2. Grave Secrets (The Trade Secrets)
A3. Corridors Of Power
A4. Intermediate Psycology
B1. Level Test (Live) Level One
B2. Subliminal Access
B3. Level Test (Live) Level Two
B4. Inter(outer)mission

domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

Mark B ‎– Any More Questions? (Vinyl 12" White Label Promo) (1995)


A1. Hip-Hop Is Something You Live
A2. A Certain Special Skill   [Featuring] – M.C.M.
A3. A Certain Special Skill (Instrumental)
B1. Introduction To The One
B2. Introduction To The One (Instrumental)
B3. Introduction To The One (Accapella)
B4. Snippet For '96