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lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2016

J-Live ‎– Longevity bw Braggin' Writes (Vinyl 12" Limited Edition) (1995) (Re-Upload)


J-Live first appeared on the underground hip-hop scene in 1995, when he was a freshman English major at the University at Albany, The State University of New York. His first single "Longevity" appeared on Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz CD, and follow-up singles "Braggin' Writes" and "Hush the Crowd" garnered widespread attention, getting him printed in the "Unsigned Hype" section of The Source. This led to a record contract with Raw Shack Records. His first album, The Best Part, recorded from 1995 to 1999, featured production by Prince Paul, DJ Premier, and Pete Rock.

A1. Longevity (Radio)
A2. Longevity (Street)
B1. Braggin' Writes
B2. Longevity (Instrumental)

miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014

J-Live - Around The Sun (2014)

J-Live's 10th release and 6th full length album, "Around The Sun" marks yet another growth spurt for the indie hip hop veteran. "Around The Sun features a smooth yet gritty OG boom bap New York sound. It's a cohesive work of art, but still an eclectic listen with a wide range of production as exhibited by the first two released tracks "Money Matters" prod. by Oddisee and "Not Listening" prod. by Korede. 


1. Around The Sun (Solstice) 02:21
2. Eight Minutes 02:53
3. Walk Like 03:05
4. Top Of The Food Chain feat. Rome Supreme & Ekundayo 03:59
5. Not Listening 03:48
6. Worlds Apart 03:06
7. Hang On Tight feat. Homeboy Sandman 02:58
8. No Doubt 03:55
9. The Fun Razor Remix feat. Boog Brown 04:44
10. Money Matters 04:55
11. City To City feat. Sam London & Tanya Morgan 03:44
12. Equinox 02:37

domingo, 19 de enero de 2014

J-Live ‎– The Way That I Rhyme/ Poetry In Motion (Vinyl 12") (2010)


A1. The Way That I Rhyme (Radio)
A2. The Way That I Rhyme (Album)
A3. The Way That I Rhyme (Instrumental)
B1. Poetry In Motion (Radio/Album)
B2. Poetry In Motion (Instrumental)

lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

J-Live - S​.​P​.​T​.​A. Said Person of That Ability (2011)


1. As I Start 01:27
2. From Scratch 03:44
3. The Authentic 03:22
4. Watch Sun Watch feat. YC The Cynic 04:01
5. How I Feel Pt. 3 04:14
6. The Me And You feat. Anneice Cousin 03:48
7. No Time To Waste 03:54
8. Pronouned Spitta 04:10
9. Life Comes in Threes feat. Rasheeda Ali 04:31
10. Great Expectations 04:19
11. Poetry In Ertia feat. John Robinson & MarQ Spekt 04:41
12. Home Or Away 04:00
13. Half A Glass feat. Lyric Jones 04:00

J-Live ‎– Then What Happened? (2008)


1. One To 31
2. Be No Slave
3. The Upgrade
4. It Don't Stop
5 The Understanding
6. The Last Third
7. Ole
8.What You Holdin'?
9. Oowee
10. The Zone
11. We Are!
12. Slimmer Down
13. You Out There

J-Live ‎– The Hear After (2005)


1. Here Featuring – Soulive
2. Aaw Yeah
3. Fire Water
4. Do My Thing Featuring – Cvees
5. Whoever
6. The Sidewalks
7. Audio Visual
8. Brooklyn Public Part 1
9. Listening Featuring – Kola Rock
10. Harder
11. Coming Home Featuring – Dwele
12. Weather The Storm
13. After

J-Live ‎– Always Will Be (2003)


1. Always Will Be
2. Add-A-Cipher
3. Deal Widit
4. Get Live
5. Car Trouble
6. Walkman Music
7. 9000 Miles8. Skip Proof

J-Live ‎– Always Has Been (Vinyl 12") (2003)


A1. Longevity
A2. Braggin' Writes
A3. Can I Get It?
B1. Hush The Crowd
B2. Braggin' Writes (Dome Cracker Remix) Remix – DJ Spinna, Joc Max
B3. School's In

J-Live ‎– All Of The Above (2002)


1. First Things First
2. How Real It Is
3. Satisfied?
4. Interlude 1 (I'm A Rapper) Featuring – 8 Rock
5. MCee
6. Like This Anna
7. One For The Griot
8. Stir Of Echoes
9. Interlude 2 (For The Babies)
10. Do That Shitt
11. All In Together Now
12.  Nights Like This
13. The 4th 3rd
14. Travelling Music
15. A Charmed Life
16. All Of The Above
17. Interlude 3 (Whatever)
18. Happy Belated

Hidden Bonus Tracks

19. Satisfied (Dub Version)
20. 3 Out Of 7 Featuring – Asheru, El Da Sensei
21. The Lyricist

J-Live ‎– The Best Part (2001)


1. Outside Looking
2. Intro
3. Got What It Takes
4. Don't Play
5. Vampire Hunter J
6. YES!
7. Them That's Not
8. Kick It To The Beat [Featuring] – Asheru, Probe.dms
9. Wax Paper
10. Timeless
11. Get The Third
12. School's In (Remix)
13. R.A.G.E.
14. True School Anthem
15. Inside Looking Outro
16. The Best Part
17. Play
18. Braggin' Writes Revisited
19. Epilogue

J-Live ‎– Undivided Attention EP (Vinyl 12") (2010)


A1. Home Or Away
A2. The Way That I Rhyme
A3. How I Feel Pt. 1
B1. Undivided Attention
B2. Fitness [Featuring] – Homeboy Sandman
B3. Attention [Featuring] – Oddy Gato

J-Live ‎– Special Edition Bonus Tracks (CDS Promo) (2002)


1. Raw Footage (Original Version) Producer – 88 Keys [Featuring] – Cvees, I-Born
2. Braggin' Writes (Dome Cracker Remix) Producer – DJ Spinna

J-Live ‎– Reveal The Secret EP (Vinyl 12") (2007)


A1. The Incredible
A2. Once Upon A Mic
A3. Practice (Magnificent Mix)
B1. Feel Like Spittin'
B2. Red Light Green Light
B3. Practice (Spaghetti Bender Mix)

J-Live ‎– Satisfied? bw A Charmed Life (Vinyl 12") (2001)


B1. Satisfied? (Radio)
B2. Satisfied? (Instrumental)
B3. Satisfied? (Acapella)
BB1. A Charmed Life (Radio)
BB2. A Charmed Life (Instrumental)
BB3. A Charmed Life (Acapella)

The Live One (J-life) ‎– Shiesty (Vinyl 12" White Label) (1998)


A. Shiesty
B. Shiesty (Instrumental

J-Live ‎– Can I Get It? (CDM) (1996)


1. Can I Get It? (Main Mix)
2. Hush The Crowd (Main Mix)
3. Braggin' Writes (Main Mix)
4. Can I Get It? (Radio Mix)
5. Hush The Crowd (Radio Mix)
6. Braggin' Writes (Radio Mix)
7.  Can I Get It? (Instrumental)
8. Hush The Crowd (Instrumental)
9. Braggin' Writes (Instrumental)

domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

J-Live ‎– Can I Get It? (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. Can I Get It? (Radio Mix)
A2. Can I Get It? (Instrumental)
A3. Can I Get It? (Accapella)
B1. Hush The Crowd (Radio Mix)
B2. Hush The Crowd (Instrumental)
B3. Braggin' Writes (Dome Cracker Remix)