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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

DJ Poska ‎– What's The Flavor ? "The Show Radio" Vol. 1 - Freestyle Anthology (Tape) (2001)


Face A (44:15)

A1. DJ Poska- Intro What's The Flavor ?
A2. Saïan Supa Crew
A3. Jacky & Ben-J
A4. K-D-D
A5. X-Men & Ghetto Diplomats
A6. Dabaaz
A7. Cocoa Brovaz
A8. Choclair
A9. Rohff
A10. L'S-Kadrille & Marginal 
A11. Disiz La Peste & Eloquence
A12. Expression Direct
A13. Kalash

Face B (44:55)

B1. Endo & Eloquence & Mass
B2. Faf La Rage & Shurik'n
B3. Sniper
B4. Fabe, Mokless
B5. Afro Jazz
B6. Pit Baccardi
B7. Dilated Peoples
B8. Lords Of The Underground
B9. Mystik
B10. N-A-P
B11. 357 Squad
B12. Puzzle
B13. Abuz

viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

Dj Poska - What's The Flavor 21 (MixTape)


Side A
The real Motha fuckin intro
Ras-Kass- Soul on ice
Mobb deep feat Methodman - Extortion
Jeru the damaja - Scientifical madness
Keith murray feat deff squad - Yeah!!
Hi tech - 24/7
Lil kim - Queem bitch
Originoo gunz clapaz feat Sadat x - Wild cowboys
Jungle brothers fear Native thonges - How ya waint it
Ghost face killa - Fish
Mama Mystique - Tremendous
M.O.P - Amticipation
P.M.D . Leave your style cramped
Emmigrands - Beat box greestyle

Side B
Gauge geat Cella dwellas - Cranium
Shaq feat Rakim - Game of death
Redman feat k-solo - Its like that
Sadar X - The lump lump
X-Zibit feat mobb deep - Eyes may Shine
Redman feat Jhony blaze - Do what ya feeñ
Lunatic - le Crime paaye
Bush babees feat de la soul - the love song
A tribe called quest feat faith evans - Stressed out
Group therapy . East coast west coast killas
Foxy brown feat Methodman . ill na na
The real motha fuckin outro