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viernes, 20 de junio de 2014

Dj Przm And 3ms - Dead Fan Humor (2001) (Re-Upload)


01-3ms-The Nutty Igors Revenge
02-3ms-Beats To The Rhyme
03-3ms-Derranged Style
04-3ms-Brus Message.feat.Bru Lei
06-3ms-Dr.Hockenstienz Evil Plot 1
07-3ms-Dros Ransom Note
08-3ms-Dead Fan Humor
09-3ms-Wildin Out Part 2 feat.Bru Lei
10-3ms_Bru Lei and Illogic-The Perfect Storm
11-3ms-Hockin Lugiez.feat.Nickotime
13-3ms-Lil Woodie
14-3ms-Play On
15-3ms-Evil Plot 3
18-3ms-Fight Club
19-3ms-Evil Plot 4
20-3ms-Frontin feat.Metro and Bru Lei
21-3ms-Of the Underground
22-3ms-Scare You Kill You feat.camu
23-3ms-Fuck It Up (The Death Of Pos2)
24-3ms-Evil Plot 5
25-3MS-Stuk On Stupid

domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

DJ Przm Presents : Illogic ‎– The Off The Clock E.P. (2004)



1.Clock Ntro
2.Off The Clock
3.Like Us
5.Ill Rediculous
6.Don't Go
7.Gif O Gab
8.Perfect Storm

Jaz & Elite Net Prophets Presents : Dj Przm - Da True Definition Of Raw (R.I.P.) (2007)


01.metro - nonsense 
02.phizz ed - if you are what you eat 
03.illogic - poisonezz nervous ft jakki, copywrite - hmm  brilliant  
06.przm - fuck rap 
07.3ms - dead fan humor 
08.spitball - no back up feat. jfk manifest and zero star 
09.copywrite - (o.h.) ten times 
10.jakki the motamouth - raw 
11.3ms - astrophysics 
12.spitbal l - rockin it 
13.eddie meeks - sasquatch feet what - dumb bastards 
15.3ms - beats to the rhyme 
16.bagadonuts - psgetti and spitballs 
17.3ms ft metro & bru - frontin 
18.3ms ft camu tao - scare you kill you 
19.camu tao - hold the floor 

sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013

DJ Przm Presents...Llabtips - Feat Bru Lei & The Bum Shelter (2007)



02. Total Eclypse Feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
03. Bum Shelter Wild Style Feat. Bru Lei & Zero Star
04. Middle Finga’ In The Air Feat. Mr. Nervous, Jakki & Copyright
05. Blaze It Up, Take It Easy Feat. PRZM, Seel Fresh & Ravage
06. Merch Table Feat. PRZM & Merch Dog
07. Handycam Feat. PRZM
08. Exit Only Feat. Eclypse The Pretenatural
09. Lo’ed Out Feat. PRZM
10. Nervous Game Feat. Mr. Nervous & Metro
11. Off the Clock Part II Feat. PRZM
12. So Nasty Feat. PRZM
13. PRZM! It’s Alive!