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lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Company Flow ‎– Blind bw Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Vinyl 12") (1997)


A1. Blind (Street)
A2. Blind (Radio)
A3. Blind (Instrumental)
A4. 8 Steps (Lost Mix)
B1. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Street)
B2. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Radio)
B3. Tragedy Of War In III Parts (Instrumental)

Company Flow ‎– Eight Steps To Perfection bw Vital Nerve (Vinyl 12") (1996)


A1. Eight Steps To Perfection (Radio Edit)
A2. Eight Steps To Perfection (Album Version)
A3. Eight Steps To Perfection (Instrumental)
B1. Vital Nerve (Radio Edit) Featuring – BMS
B2. Vital Nerve (Album Version) Featuring – BMS
B3. Vital Nerve (Instrumental)

Company Flow - Infokill bw Population Control (Vinyl 12") (1996)


01. Infokill (Fuckin Radio Edit)
02. Infokill (Original)
03. Infokill (Instrumental)
04. Population Control (Fuckin Radio Edit)
05. Population Control (Original)
06. Population Control (Instrumental)

Company Flow ‎– Juvenile Technique (Vinyl 12") (1994)


A1. Juvenile Technique (Radio Edit)
A2. Juvenile Technique (Instrumental)
B1. Juvenile Technique (LP Version)
B2. Juvenile Technique (Essentials Mix)

lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Company Flow - FuncrusherPlus (1997)


1.Bad Touch Example 3:26
2.8 Steps To Perfection 4:43
3Collude / Intrude 5:25
4.Blind  3:42
5.Silence 3:33
6.Legends 4:02
7.Help Wanted 2:12
8.Population Control 4:26
9.Lune TNS 3:38
10.Definitive 5:47
11.Lencorcism 0:36
12.89.9 Detrimental 1:03
13.Vital Nerve 5:01
14.Tragedy Of War (In Ⅲ Parts) 3:49
15.Corners '94 6:01
16.The Fire In Which You Burn 5:02
17.Krazy Kings 4:52
18.Last Good Sleep 5:59
19.Info Kill Ⅱ 3:48
20.Funcrush Scratch 2:48  

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Company Flow - End To End Burners bw Krazy Kings Too (Vls) (1998)


01.End to End Burners (Street) 
02.Krazy Kings Too (Radio) 
03.Krazy Kings Too (Instrumental)