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domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014

Channel Live ‎– Secret Science Rap (2006)


1. Buck 'Em
2. Still Building
3. Mr. President Producer – Franchise
4. Home
5. Middle Finger
6. Amerikka9
7. My Bloody Carpet
8. Let Me Flow (Instrumental)
9. I'm Just Tryin' To Dance (Instrumental)
10. The Craft (Instrumental)
11. I'm Just Bouncin' (Instrumental)
12. Here We Come (Instrumental)
13. Forty-Fours (Instrumental)

Channel Live ‎– Armaghetto (2000)


1. Respect This Producer – Mike City
2. Wild Out 2K Producer – Mike City
3. The Nerve  Producer – Poison Ivy
4. Turn It Up Featuring – Black Opz  Producer – Poison Ivy 
5. Lies & Rumors Featuring – Carl Thomas Producer – Mike City
6. Temptation Featuring – Black Rob Producer – Mike City
7. Fucking A Thug Producer – Chucky Madness
8. Put It On A Nigga Featuring – Ms. Toi  Producer – Buddah, Shamello
9. Wild Horse  Featuring – Carl Thomas  Producer – Buddah, Shamello
10. Say What Featuring – Akbar, Benny Boom Producer – Mike City
11. Ghetto B.I. Featuring – Malik Yusef, Method Man, Rowdy Rahz  Producer – Channel Live
12. Armaghetto Featuring – Akbar Producer – Mike City
13. F.C.C. Alert Featuring – Benny Boom  Producer – Mike City
14. The God U Now (G.U.N) Producer – Channel Live

Channel Live ‎– Station Identification (1995)


1. Station Identification Producer – Rheji Burrell
2. Channel 1 Producer – KRS-One
3. Lock It Up Producer – Salaam Remi
4. Channel 2 Producer – KRS-One
5. What! (Cause And Effect) Producer – KRS-One
6. Mad Izm Featuring – KRS-One Producer – KRS-One
7. Reprogram Producer – KRS-One
8. Channel 3 Producer – KRS-One
9. Sex For The Sport Producer – Rheji Burrell
10. Channel 4 Producer – KRS-One
11. Down Goes The Devil Producer – KRS-One
12. Build & Destroy Producer – KRS-One
13. Alpha & Omega Producer – Salaam Remi
14. Homicide Ride Producer – Salaam Remi
15. Who U Represent Producer – KRS-One

viernes, 16 de agosto de 2013

Channel Live ‎– Mad Izm bw Reprogram (Vinyl 12") (1994)


A1. Mad Izm (Radio Edit) Featuring – KRS-One
A2. Mad Izm (Instrumental)
A3. Mad Izm (LP Version) Featuring – KRS-One
B1. Reprogram (LP Version)
B2. Reprogram (Instrumental)

Channel Live ‎– Reprogram (Promo Vls) (1995)


A. Reprogram (LP Version)
B1. Reprogram (Instrumental)
B2. Reprogram (Acapella)

Producer – KRS-One

Channel Live ‎– Sex For The Sport (Vls) (1995)


A1. Sex For The Sport (LP Version) Producer – Rheji Burrell
A2. Sex For The Sport (Fred's Back To Brooklyn Mix) Producer – A Guy Named Fred
B. Sex For The Sport (Fred's Back To Brooklyn Mix) (Instrumental) Producer – A Guy Named Fred

Channel Live ‎– Maintain (Promo Vls) (1996)


A1. Maintain (Main Version)
A2. Maintain (Instrumental)
B1. Maintain (Radio Version)
B2. Maintain (TV Track)

Channel Live ‎– Red Rum (Sign O' The Times) (Promo Vls) (1998)


A1. Channel Live – Red Rum (Radio Version)
A2. Channel Live – Red Rum (Instrumental Version)
A3. Channel Live – Red Rum (Accapella Version)
A4. Channel Live – Red Rum (TV Track)
B1. Channel Live – Red Rum (Street Version)
B2. Blackalicious – Touch The Stars (Street Version)
B3. Ultramagnetic MC's – It's All The Way Live (Street Version)

Channel Live ‎– Hardcore ( Unofficial Release) (Vls) (1998)


A1. Hardcore (Radio)
A2. Hardcore (Street)
B1. Hardcore (Instrumental)
B2. Hardcore (Accapella)

Channel Live ‎– Six Cents bw Live 4 Hip Hop (Vinyl12") (1998)


A1. Six Cents (Dirty Mix)
A2. Six Cents (Clean Mix)
A3. Six Cents (Instrumental)
B1. Live 4 Hip Hop (Dirty Mix)
B2. Live 4 Hip Hop (Clean Mix)
B3. Live 4 Hip Hop (Instrumental)

Channel Live ‎– Reprogram (Vinyl 12") (1995)


A1. Reprogram Producer – KRS-One
A2. Reprogram (Remix) Remix – Easy Mo Bee
A3. What! (Cause And Effect)vProducer – KRS-One
B1. Mad Izm (Original Buckwild Remix) Featuring, Uncredited – KRS-One
B2. Mad Izm (Original Buckwild '95 Remix)

jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Channel Live - Mad Izm (Vinyl 12") (Promo) (1994)


  A1  Mad Izm (Original Buckwild Remix)
A2  Mad Izm (Clean Buckwild Remix)
A3 Mad Izm (Original Buckwild Instrumental)
A4 Mad Izm (Original Buckwild Accapella)
B1  Mad Izm (Original Buckwild '95 Remix)
B2  Mad Izm (Clean Buckwild '95 Remix)
   B3 Mad Izm (Original Buckwild '95 Instrumental)
B4 Mad Izm (Original Buckwild '95 Accapella)