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martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Arrested Development ‎– Unplugged (1993)


1. Time
2. Give A Man A Fish
3. The Gettin'
4. Natural
5. Searchin' For One Soul
6. Raining Revolution
7. Fishin' 4 Religion
8. Mama's Always On Stage
9. U
10. Mr. Wendal
11. People Everyday
12. Give A Man A Fish (Instrumental)
13. The Gettin' (Instrumental)
14. Natural (Instrumental)
15. Searchin' For One Soul (Instrumental)
16. Raining Revolution (Instrumental)
17. Mama's Always On Stage (Instrumental)
18. Mr. Wendal (Instrumental)

Arrested Development ‎– United Front (Vinyl 12") (1994)


A1. United Front
A2. United Front (Noises In My Attic Remix)
A3. United Front (Acapella)
B1. Southern Fried Funk
B2. Southern Fried Funk (For DJ's Only)

Arrested Development ‎– Ease My Mind (Vinyl 12") (1994)


A1. Ease My Mind (Radio Version)
A2. Ease My Mind
A3. Ease My Mind (Instrumental)
A4. Ease My Mind (Beat Version)
B1. Shell
B2. Shell (Instrumental)
B3. Shell (Acapella)
B4. Ease My Mind (Acapella)

jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Arrested Development ‎– 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days In The Life Of... (1992)


1. Man's Final Frontier
2. Mama's Always On Stage
3. People Everyday
4. Blues Happy
5. Mr. Wendal
6. Children Play With Earth
7. Raining Revolution
8. Fishin' 4 Religion  Featuring – Dionne Farris
9. Give A Man A Fish Featuring – Dionne Farris
10. U  Featuring – Dionne Farris
11. Eve Of Reality
12. Natural
13. Dawn Of The Dreads
14. Tennessee Featuring – Dionne Farris
15. Washed Away

sábado, 28 de junio de 2014

Arrested Development ‎– Natural (CDM) (1993)


1. Natural (The Natural Way)
2. Natural (Album Version)
3. Natural (The Natural Way Before I Put Vocals In)
4. Fishin' 4 Religion (Remix)

Arrested Development ‎– Mr. Wendal (Vinyl 12") (1992)


A1. Mr. Wendal (Album Version)
A2. Mr. Wendal (Radio Edit)
B1. Mr. Wendal (We Forget 'Em)
B2. Mr. Wendal (For D.J.'s Only)
B3. Mr. Wendal (Ain't No Bass Line)

Arrested Development ‎– People Everyday (Vinyl 12") (1992)


A1. People Everyday (Metamorphosis Mix)  Producer – Speech
A2. People Everyday (LP Version)  Producer – Speech
A3. People Everyday (Maroon Mix)  Producer – Speech
B1. People Everyday (Metamorphosis Instrumental)  Producer – Speech
B2. Children Play With Earth (LP Version)

Arrested Development ‎– Tennessee Remix (CDS) (1992)


1. Tennessee (The Mix)
2. Tennessee (Remix)  Remix – Showbiz
3. Tennessee (Dubb Mix)
4. Natural