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martes, 22 de julio de 2014

Amadeus The Stampede - The Devil Made Me Do It (2011) (Re-Upload)



1. The Devil Made Me Do It
2. Time To Go To War
3. Twisted ft. Slaine
4. Scars of Life
5. The Virus ft. Canibus & Lateb
6. Idle Hands
7. Darkness ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
8. Laws of Existance
9. Killa Season ft. The Greater Good
10. Hear No Evil
11. Most People ft. Rite Hook
12. Face To Face
13. Goin Thru It
14. Same As It Ever Was ft. Blak Madeen
15. Demonz
16. Self Sabotage ft. Ricky Mortis
17. Paradigm
18. Turn My Power Off
19. Sorrow ft. Skinnyllo
20. Why Ask Why Cava

Amadeus The Stampede - Me Vs. ME (2010) (Re-Upload)



1. Pirate
2. One Man Army
3. Tried And True
4. Reckless Abandon
5. Dark Syndrome
6. Bullet Head
7. Whirlwind
8. Kurt Cobain
9. I’m Not The Only One
10. True Hollywood Story
11. Fair to Stay
12. Ghetto Theatre
13. Did You See It
14. Here’s Looking At You Kid
15. Medicine
16. War Party
17. Rain Dance
18. Dance Til You Dead
19. Deez Nuts
20. You Thought Wrong
21. Spunyun

Amadeus The Stampede - House Of Broken Mirrors (2009) (Re-Upload)



2.House Of Broken Mirrors
3.My Old Gold Chain ft. Slaine
5.Ruthless ft. Sean Price & J The S
6.Company Of Saints.
7.Deadly Toxins feat. Reks
9.Bullshit ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
11.Pig Pen ft. Skinny Cavallo & Lateb
13.Silence Me ft. Rite Hook
15.Holly Roller ft. The Greater Good
16.Christopher Walken Speaks ft. Ricky Mortis
17.No Savior ft. Black Madeen
18.Cry Now Laugh Last
19.Down And Out
20.For The Hell Of It ft. Lateb

martes, 3 de junio de 2014

Amadeus The Stampede - Spilling Blood On The Dance Floor (2014)


1. All A Game
2. The High Life ft. J the S 
3. Acting Shady ft. J the S & Ray Diamonds
4. Boston, Massachusetts, USA
5. Have Nots ft. Diabo
6. Hip Hop Dope Show
7. It’s Nothing ft. Skinny Cavallo 
8. Get Right ft. Ray Diamonds 
9. I Don’t Belong Here ft. Ricky Mortis & Sam Scott 
10. Screwface
11. What Did You Say? Ft. Diablo 
12. Do Something ft. Diablo 
13. Start to Finish
14. It’s Going Down ft. Toussaint The Liberator 
15. Spilling Blood on the Dance Floor 
16. Handsome Shooter
17. Deathcab ft. Gravity 
18. Get ‘Em 
19. Funeral Parlor ft. Diablo & Skinny Cavallo 
20. Bust My Gun ft. Suge Avery
21. Zipperhead

martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Amadeus The Stampede - Madhouse Music (2011) (Re-Upload)


1. Intro
2. Escape From The Madhouse
3. Good Bye
4. Maniacal Mayhem
5. Gone Mad (feat. Zombie Death Squad)
6. Science Of Psychosis
7. Lunatic

jueves, 14 de febrero de 2013

Zombie Death Squad – Once Bitten, Twice Shot (2010)


1. Intro
2. Closed Caskets
3. M.D.K
4. Magic & Malice
5. Bacardi & Acid
6. Blind Swordsman
7. Religion (Feat. Yusef)
8. GOD Bless Satan
9. Sodom & Gamora
10. Handle You (Feat. Rite Hook)
11. Carpenter Kill
12. Deadly Chainsaws (Feat. Gage The Conquerer)
13. 1 Shot, 1 Kill
14. Hideous Beast
15. Love At First Blood
16. Corpse Bride (Feat. Benny Blanco)
17. You Dont Know Me (Feat. Skinny Cavallo)
18. The Fucking Squad
19. Last Minutes