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viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

Al'Tarba - La nuit se leve (2017)

 Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Marseille, France
1. Welcome To Fear City
2. Ripped Eye
3. Interlude 1 (Feat. Slimane Dazi & Yoshi)
4. Now More Fighting
5. Starships Loopers (Feat. DJ Nixon)
6. Interlude 2 (Feat. Slimane Dazi & Px Tazi)
7. Infected Streets
8. She’s Endorphins (Feat Bonnie Li)
9. Interlude 3 (Feat. Maria Deflores)
10. Turn Me On
11. Guillotine (Feat. Little Vic)
12. Dans Le Vide
13. On The Prowl (Feat. Stevie Rayban)
14. Malevolent Park
15. Interlude 4 (Feat. Slimane Dazi & F Du Gouffre)
16. La nuit Se Lève (Feat. Virus)

viernes, 4 de noviembre de 2016

Al'Tarba - Lullabies for Insomniacs (Bonus Track Version) (2013) (Re-Upload)


1. Western Drugs Sunrise
2. Pain Killers
3. I Hear You
4. Honey Licker
5. Walk With the Beast (feat. Qualm)
6. Mushroom Burger
7. Sexy Coccinelle
8. Sun Showerz
9. Listening Problem (feat. Q-Unique)
10. The Malignant
11. Sacrifice
12. Do It, Pt. 1 (Disturb Remix)
13. Drop This (feat. Droogz Brigade, Lord Lhus)
14. Evil Inside
15. Bedsong for Addicts
16. Purple Heart Attack (feat. The Art-Cons)
17. Silent Smoke
18. The Magical
19. Yellow Moon
20. Face of the Sun (feat. Planet X)
21. Lullaby for Insomniacs

Bonus CD

1. Make It Happen (Midnight Seance Bonus)
2. Petite Maline (Midnight Seance Bonus)
3. No Return (Midnight Seance Bonus)
4. Mr Softy (Midnight Seance Bonus)
5. Off the Meds (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. EQ]
6. Flowers (Midnight Seance Bonus)
7. Summer Tales (Midnight Seance Bonus)
8. Toys & Dolls (Midnight Seance Bonus)
9. Katie's Words (Midnight Seance Bonus)
10. Rattlesnake Whispers (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Nif]
11. Do It, Pt. 2 (Disturb Remix, Midnight Seance Bonus)
12. Do It (Version Equipe, Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Swift Guad, Staff L'instable & Inch]
13. Canyon Eyes (Midnight Seance Bonus)
14. Grey Town (Midnight Seance Bonus)
15. Fil de Paradis (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Droogz Brigade]
16. This Ain't a Track (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Unusual Suspects]
17. Leaders in the Game (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Tunnel Movement]
18. Angel Dust (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Psych Ward]
19. La Tête dans la Baignoire (Midnight Seance Bonus) [feat. Swift Guad, Nekfeu]

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2016

Al’Tarba Vs Lord Lhus – Acid & Vicious (2013) (Re-Upload)


1. No Hate
2. Keep On
3. Cursed & Wicker People Skit
4. 3 Amigos (feat. Dirty Dike & Jace Abstract)
5. Last Night (feat. La Féfile Good)
6. Colonize The Colonisers (feat. Babylon Warchild)
7. Story’s
8. Get Hight
9. Easy Take Easy (feat. Gavlyn)
10. Not A MC (feat. Jmega)
11. The Sadists (feat. Droogz Brigade)
12. Drugs Addicts (feat. Benihana Kenobi)
13. Suicide Note & Hell Gates Skit
14. Welcome To Hell
15. Bragging Rights (feat. Milez Grimez, Words & Dirty Dickens)
16. Journey Into The Mind
17. Having Orgy’s (feat. Psl)
18. I Vermisse Di
19. Lonelylines
20. Monstermash  

Al'tarba - Blood Out Connections Vol. 1 (2009) (Re-Upload)


1. First Injection
2. Walk With the Beast (feat. Qualm)
3. Consumed (feat. Planet X)
4. Ego (feat. Little Vic)
5. Devil In Chains (feat. Psych Wards)
6. Feed Me (feat. 2 Ugly, Mr Shadow)
7. 2012 (feat. Planet X)
8. Body Harvest (feat. Archnme, Ill Bill)
9. Game Over (feat. Planet X)
10. Retour à l'âge de pierre
11. 9mm (feat. Planet Asia) [Remix]
12. Crass Test
13. Regard perçant (feat. Swift Guad, Seth Gueko, Al K Pote, Aketo)
14. Old Soul (feat. Savage Brothers)
15. Bubbles for Jess
16. Planetary Takeover (feat. Lord Lhus, Savage Brothers, Planet X)
17. On ne sait rien (feat. Mysa) [Remix]
18. Massacre de l'industrie
19. Free from the Straighjack (feat. Plague Plenty)
20. Science of Dreams (feat. Ide)
21. Dead End

domingo, 3 de marzo de 2013

Al'Tarba - Musique Pour Les Droogz Bootleg Vol.1 (2011)


1.Al'Tarba - Walk With The Beast Remix (Feat. Qualm)
2.Al'Tarba - ['Unknown Track Title']
3.Al'Tarba - No Surrender
4.Al'Tarba - Sexy Coccinelle
5.Al'Tarba - Still Dead
6.Al'Tarba - Western Drugs Sunrise
7.Al'Tarba - Bassball Bat Remix
8.Al'Tarba - Lullaby For Insomniacs
9.Al'Tarba - Mota Mota Snipet
10.Al'Tarba - Wax Tailor Say Yes Remix
11.Al'Tarba - Wu Tang Da Mystery Of Chessboxin Remix
12.ArchNME - Mood 2 Bust 
13.ArchNME - X Caliber (Feat. Planet X) 
14.ArchNME - Body Harvest (Feat. Ill Bill) 
15.Bloodline - Inhale The Danger 
16.Brooklyn Academy - I'm From Brooklyn (Instrumental) 
17.Ce-Sektion - Sleepwalker 
18.Cortege - Ligne Droite (Feat. Serna & Bkash) 
19.Droogz Brigade - Freestyle
20.Hannibal Jesster - Havoc Night 
21.Hannibal Jesster - The Undisputed (Feat. Shallow Pockets & Jnyce Of Psych Ward) 
22.Al'Tarba - I Put A Spell On You Remix 
23.Irealz - Step 4 Step (Feat. Copywrite & Mage9)
24.Klive Kraven - Darkside Of Reality
25.Al'Tarba - Life Is Horror 
26.Methmouth & Dapage - 2010
27.Mysa - Sous La Pluie
28.Ide - Reconstruct Your Design 
29.Rhyme Asylum - Strange Deranged (Feat. Reain)
30.Scarz - Avant Que Ca Me Detruise
31.Sean Strange - Demonstration Of Skill (Feat. Odoub-Dj Young C-Zodiac Meth Mouth & Al'Tarba)
32.Swift Guad - Coup De Fil (Feat. Raekwon)
33.Al'Tarba - The Way We Fck  

Al'Tarba - Musique Pour Les Droogz Bootleg Vol.2 (2011)


01.Twins REMIX 
02. Better without me (sample Saez) 
03. House By The Cemetery 
04. my world's a cartoon 
05. Nas Remix 
06. The malignant 
07.Al'tarba chillin' 
08.Al'tarba Hoes & champaign.wmv 
09.ArchNME - X Caliber ft. Planet X (prod. Al'Tarba) 
10.ArchNME- Body Harvest ft. Ill Bill (prod. Al' Tarba) 
11.ArchNME- Cold War (prod. Al' Tarba) 
12.ArchNME ft. Psych Ward - Villainous (prod. Al'Tarba) 
13.ArchNME- Mood 2 Bust (prod. Al' Tarba) 
14.Billy White - Beast from the South-East (Prod. Al'Tarba) 
15.Chiens Fantômes - Vox populi (prod Al Tarba) 
16.Cortege - Ligne droite feat serna & bkash - (prod al'tarba) 
17.Cortege feat lino (arsenik),cenza & souffrance - j'voulais changer le monde 
18.Das Efx vs Al Tarba- Real Hip Hop (darksoul 2011 remix) 
19.Dementores - Asignatura Pendiente (prod. Al' Tarba)  
20.Donnie Menace - The World Is Sick (Prod. Al'Tarba) 
21.Droogz Brigade feat Lord Lhus - Drop This (prod by Al'tarba) 
22.Kwote1 (feat. Wordsplay) - Gunnin Ya (Prod. Al'Tarba) 
23.Meth Mouth Give It Up 2010 produced by Al'tarba & Sean Strange 
24.Morse Code- Duke Nuke Em (prod. Al' Tarba) 
25.Mr.Hash - Nos différences (prod by Al'tarba) 
26.Mr.Hash & Loop - Tu veux baiser avec le diable (prod by Al'tarba) 
 27.NCA Crew - Train de Vie (Al'Tarba Remix) 
28.Paco - Authentik feat Neoklash (Al'Tarba.Rmx) 
29.Paco - Devenir Père 
30.Paco - Freestyle a L'Ancienne feat Swift Guad (Prod.Al'Tarba) 
31.Paco - L'Ouvrir 
32.Primal- Missing In Action feat. Morse Code & Weapon X (prod. Al' Tarba) 
33.Primal- This Is (prod. Al' Tarba) 
34.Psych Ward - Die slowly 
35.Q-Unique - Listening Problem (Prod. By Al Tarba) 
36.Seth - Leben (Al'tarba beat) 
37.Seth Gueko Le Roi De La Nitroglycerine EXCLU 2008 
38.Sign Of The X -Pray Hard -Deadly Remedy -Lord Lhus,Triple Threat (New World Order) hip hop 
39.Snowgoons - Third Eye feat Genghis Khan (hidden Bonus) (Prod. by Al'Tarba) 
40.The Art-Cons - Purple Heart Attack (prod Al'Tarba) 
41.Tunnel Movement - Leaders in the game prod al'tarba cuts by dj Nixon 
42.Unusual Suspects Seance feat. Rhyme Asylum, Reain & Lee Scott 
43.Weapon X- Grand Lethal (prod. Al' Tarba)