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domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Czarface (Inspectah Deck & 7L & Esoteric) ‎– Czardi Gras (It's Raw Again) bw Wake Up Show (Vinyl 7") (2013)


A1. Czardi Gras (It's Raw Again) Featuring – Action Bronson
B1. Wake Up Show Promo
B2. Czardi Gras (It's Raw Again) Instrumental

7L & Esoteric ‎– Play Dumb bw Daisycutta (Vinyl 12") (2006)


A1. Play Dumb (Radio)
A2. Play Dumb (Street)
A3. Play Dumb (Instrumental)
A4. Dumbapella
B1. Daisycutta (Radio) [Featuring] – Kool Keith
B2. Daisycutta (Instrumental)
B3. Cuttapella [Featuring] – Kool Keith
B4. Pterolab Sleestak (Evil Bonus Beats)

7L & Esoteric ‎– This Is War bw Rise Of The Rebel (Vinyl 12") (2004)


A1. This Is War (Dirty) [Featuring] – Army Of The Pharaohs
A2. This Is War (Clean)  [Featuring] – Army Of The Pharaohs
A3. This Is War (Instrumental)
B1. Rise Of The Rebel (Dirty)
B2. Rise Of The Rebel (Clean)
B3. Rise Of The Rebel (Instrumental)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Do It! bw Rest In Peace bw What I Mean (Vinyl 12") (2003)


A1. Do It! (Dirty)
A2. Do It! (Clean)
A3. Do It! (Instrumental)
B1. Rest In Peace (Clean)
B2. Rest In Peace (Instrumental)
B3. What I Mean (Clean)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Herb bw Rules Of Engagement (Vinyl 12") (2002)


A1. Herb (Clean)
A2. Herb (Dirty)
A3. Herb (Instrumental)
B1. Rules Of Engagement (Clean) [Featuring] – Count Bass D, J-Live
B2. Rules Of Engagement (Instrumental)
B3. Split Personality (Esoteric Vs. The God Awful) (Clean)
B4. Split Personality (Esoteric Vs. The God Awful) (Instrumental)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Watch Me bw Word Association bw Can't Come Close (Vinyl 12") (2002)


A1. Watch Me (Clean)
A2. Watch Me (Dirty)
A3. Watch Me (Instrumental)
B1. Word Association (Clean)
B2. Word Association (Instrumental)
B3. Can't Come Close (Clean)
B4. Can't Come Close (Instrumental)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Jealous Over Nothing bw Brain In Gear (Vinyl 12") (2001)


A1. Jealous Over Nothing (Clean)
A2. Jealous Over Nothing (Dirty)
A3. Jealous Over Nothing (Instrumental)
B1. Brain In Gear (Clean)
B2. Brain In Gear (Dirty)
B3. Brain In Gear (Instrumental)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Mic Mastery bw Operating Correctly (Vinyl 12") (2000)


A1. Mic Mastery (Radio)
A2. Mic Mastery (Dirty)
A3. Mic Mastery (Instrumental)
B1. Operating Correctly (Radio) [Featuring] – Mr. Lif
B2. Operating Correctly (Dirty) [Featuring] – Mr. Lif
B3. Operating Correctly (Instrumental)

7L & Esoteric ‎– Def Rhymes bw Headswell bw Learn From The Druid (Vinyl 12") (1998)


A1. Def Rhymes (Version 1)
A2. Def Rhymes (Version 1) (Instrumental)
A3. Def Rhymes (Version 2)
A4. Def Rhymes (Version 2) (Instrumental)
B1. Headswell [Featuring] – Virtuoso
B2. Headswell (Instrumental)
B3. Learn From The Druid
B4 . Learn From The Druid (Instrumental)

Seven.L And Esoteric ‎– Protocol (Vinyl 12") (1997)


A1. Protocol (Radio)
A2. Protocol (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) (Radio)
A3. Protocol (Instrumental)
A4. Protocol (Vinyl Reanimators Remix) (Instrumental)
B1. Touch The Mic (Radio)
B2. Be Alert (Radio)
B3. Touch The Mic (Instrumental)
B4. Be Alert (Instrumental)

sábado, 2 de noviembre de 2013

7L & Esoteric ‎– 1212 (2010)


1. Retrospects
2. Run This Featuring – Celph Titled
3. Aneurysm
4. 12th Chamber Featuring – Inspectah Deck
5. The Handle Featuring – Sadat X
6. For My Enemies
7. Drawbar 1-2 Featuring – Alchemist, Evidence Producer – DC The Midi Alien
8. No Shots
9. Bare Knuckle Boxing Featuring – Ill Bill, Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz
10. I Hate Flying
11. The Most Rotten Featuring – Statik Selektah
12. New Rapper
13. Zoo

7L & Esoteric ‎– A New Dope (2006)


1. Get Dumb
2. Everywhere
3. Feel The Velvet
4. 3 Minute Classic
5. Daisycutta [Featuring] – Kool Keith
6. Eso Ain't Shit
7. Dunks Are Live, Dunks Are Dead
8. A.O.S.O.
9. Cemetery
10. Reggie Lewis Is Watching
11. Girls Gone Wild (Then & Now)
12. The Most
13. Take Note
14. Perfect Person
15. Play Dumb
16. Untitled

7L & Esoteric ‎– Dangerous Connection (2002)


1. One Six
2. Watch Me
3. Warning - Knife In The Face
4. Terrorist's Cell
5. Precision
6. Word Association
7. Stalker
8. Speak Now [Featuring] – Apathy, Vinnie Paz
9. Rules Of Engagement [Featuring] – Count Bass D, J-Live
10. Riccardi Man
11. Herb
12. What I Mean
13. Rest In Peace
14. The Way Out

7L & Esoteric ‎– The Soul Purpose (2000)


1. Dwight Spits Intro [Featuring] – Count Bass D
2. Verbal Assault
3. Terror At Your Ear
4. Operating Correctly [Featuring] – Mr. Lif
5. Call Me E.S.
6. My Rhyme Pt. II
7. Jealous Over Nothing
8. Chain Reaction [Featuring] – Vinnie Paz
9. Think Back
10. Interlude - Terra What?
11. Mic Mastery
12. Public Execution [Featuring] – Apathy, Reks
13. You Know The Concept
14. Speaking Real Words [Featuring] – Inspectah Deck
15. First Letter
16. The Soul Purpose
17. Rep The Hardest [Featuring] – Karma
18. Play It Cool
19. Guest List
20. State Of The Art  [Featuring] – Akrobatik, Cadence, Checkmark

miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2013

7L & Esoteric - DC2: Bars Of Death (2004)


01. DC Theme
02. Ring Music
03. Loud & Clear 
04. Rise Of The Rebel
05. Rogue Nation
06. This Is War (feat. Army Of The Pharaohs)
07. Graphic Violence
08. Neverending Saga
09. Grace Of Gods (feat. Rice)
10. Murder-Death-Kill (feat. Celph Titled)
11. Battlefield
12. Touchy Subject (feat. Uno The Prophet)
13. Deathgrip
14. So Glorious
15. Way Of The Gun (feat. Celph Titled, Lord Digga & Apathy)
16. Another Way Out
17. That's Right (feat. Main Flow & K.T.)
18. Crab Move (feat. Beyonder)
19. Yell At Us (feat. Celph Titled & Apathy) 

domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

Czarface (7L & Esoteric & Inspectah Deck) – Czarface (2013)


1. Czarface Intro
2. Air ‘Em Out
3. Cement 3′s (feat. Roc Marciano)
4. Czar Refaeli (feat. Oh No of Gangrene)
5. Rock Beast
6. Savagely Attack (feat. Ghostface Killah)
7. Marvel Team-up
8. It’s Raw (feat. Action Bronson)
9. Let It Off
10. Word War 4
11. Dead Zone
12. Poisonous Thoughts (feat. Mr. MFN Exquire)
13. Shoguns (feat. Cappadonna & Vinnie Paz)
14. Hazmat Rap  

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2013

7L & Esoteric ‎– Def Rhymes / Headswell / Learn From The Druid (1998) ( VLS)


A1 Def Rhymes (Version 1)
A2 Def Rhymes (Version 1) (Instrumental)
A3 Def Rhymes (Version 2)
A4 Def Rhymes (Version 2) (Instrumental)
B1 Headswell
B2 Headswell (Instrumental)
B3 Learn From The Druid
B4 Learn From The Druid (Instrumental)