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domingo, 19 de noviembre de 2017

Killah Priest & 4th Disciple – Don’t Sit On The Speakers (Vol. 1) (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

KP Supreme (A Side)
KP Supreme (B Side)
You Don’t Stop ft. Raekwon
Cornerz of My Mind
We Came Live
Bring It Back
Trichomes / PSA
Moon Crickets ft. Ghostface Killah en Cappadonna
Disco Airlines ft. Ghostface Killah
KP Express
Wordz from the Arkitech
Last Minutes of Summer

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

4th Disciple - Disciple Zone vol.1 (2014)


01. 4th Disciple - "4Give Me: Intro"
02. One Man - "Black Sheep"
03. KGB - "Bless Ya Life: Grim Mix"
04. 9th Prince Ft. Killarmy, Ruthless Bastards & TMF - "Generation Next"
05. Killa Sin - "Feel It: Interlude"
06. Cilvaringz - "Deaf, Dumb & Blind"
07. Raw Intellect - "P4P (Poison 4 Profit)"
08. Bugsy Da God Ft. P.R. Terrorist - "Dogs in Heat"
09. Killarmy - "The Cookout"
10. Remedy Ft. Beretta 9, Solomon Childs, Shogun & Longe-Lo - "The Anthem"
11. Rev. William Burks Ft. Killa Sin, Beretta 9 & 4th Disciple - "Be A Man"
12. Wu-Tang Killa Beez Ft. Killarmy & Prodigal Sunn - "Dances With Volwes"
13. Vinnie Paz - "Washed in the Blood of the Lamb"
14. Sunz Of Man - "Bloody Choices"
15. Killarmy - "Interlude (Unreleased)"
16. Killarmy Ft. Solomon Childs" - "Which Way You Going
17. Atari Blietzkrig Ft. Hell Razah - "Cyclosarin" 
19. Prodigal Sunn Ft. Hell Razah & Tuac - "Rising"
20. Tragedy Khadafi Ft.  Killa Sha - "Mind State"

Hell Razah & 4th Disciple Freedom Of Speech: Classic Edition (2007) (Re-Upload)


2.Rebel Music 
4.Watz da Sci 
5.One Harmony 
8.Hip Hop (way of life) 
9.Baby Girl 
10.Take Your Time 
11.Same Ole Thugz 
12.Hood Love 
13.Angel Tearz 
14.Dirty Blox 
15.Outro (let em know)

Bonus Extra Literature (PDF)

4th Disciple ‎- The Best Of 740 Vol. 1 (Unreleased Classics) (2007) (Re-Upload)


01. Tha Fall Feat. Shogun Assasson & Alibastard The 1st (1999) 
02. Cpc Theory Feat. Big Tae & Black Bummy Juss (1999) 
03. Swordz Feat. Shogun Assasson, Kenetic, Alibastard The 1st & 4th Disciple Live Scratching (1995) 
04. Change Iz Comin Feat. Hex Dre Storm, Verb & Stanley (Group Was Named Raw Intellect) (1998) 
05. Time Passes Feat. Agony (2001) 
06. One Step Feat. Verb (1999) 
07. Whos Eyez Can See Feat. Shogun Assasson & Alibastard The 1st (1996) 
08. Longtime Feat. Sneek Sinatra, Ho2fa & Jag (2001) 
09. Heavy Berdenz Feat. One Man (1998)

4th Disciple & One man - One Man Crime And Punishment (2007) (Re-Upload)


01. "Nowhere 2 Run"
02. "Deadly Missionz"
03. "Next Level" (Ft. Juvenile)
04. "Interegationz"
05. "Evolution"
06. "Game #7" (Ft. Killah Priest)
07. "Pain Growz"
08. "Black Sheep"
09. "Symphony Of Life"
10. "Heavy Berdenz" (Ft. ?)
11. "Atak The Slave Mastah"
12. "Last Dayz" (Ft. ?)
13. "Just For You"

4th Disciple - the compilation (2004)


1. wit da evilz (kapspille comite)
2. devil in descize (killah priest)
3. foreign languages (one man)
4. heavy burdenz (one man)
5. just for you (one man)
6. coming soon
7. operation: project love
8. psalm 51
9. fuck-u pt.ii (shogun assasson)
10. should've known (this is hip hop)
11. artform (autnoyz)
12. facts is facts (autnoyz)
13. tongue fu (cilvaringz)
14. energy (cilvaringz & beretta 9)
15. lost fallen (dirty pilgrims & promizz)
16. grimey suspect (raaddrr-van)
17. self savior (the orphange)
18. the mourning (the orphange)
19. think about it l.o.r.d. (dojo pros)
20. bloody choices (sunz of man)
21. peace (the orphange)

4th Disciple & Raw intellect - Raw (2000)


01. Raw Intellect
02. Poison For Profit
03. When You See That Nigga
04. Lord Its Hard
05. Third Eye
06. Mental Warfare Ft. 4th Disciple
07. Duplex
08. People Get Ready Ft. 4th Disciple
09. Chessgame
10. In This Shit
11. Capspille
12. The Streets
13. Wit Da Evils
14. One Shot

4th Disciple - Steel Valley Projects Vol. 1 (1999) (Re-Upload)


01. Intro (ft. Kapspille Comittee)
02. Wit Da Evil (ft. Kapspille Comittee)
03. Devil In Descize (ft. Killah Priest)
04. Fuck-U (ft. Raw Intellect, Beretta 9 & Science)
05. Fabulous Felon (ft. Raw Intellect & Science)

4th Disciple - 4th Disciple (1996) (Re-upload)


Selwin Bougard, now known as El-Divine Amir Bey, better known by his stage name 4th Disciple, is a hip hop producer and engineer who was one of the founding members of Killarmy and one of the best-known Wu-Tang-affiliated producers. He is the only of the Wu Elements to have worked on the Clan's first breakthrough album, as a mixer

01-4th disciple-wit da evilz (feat.kapspille comitee)
02-4th disciple-devil in descize (feat.killah priest,shanghai the messenger and 62nd assassin)
03-4th disciple-foreign languages ( man)
04-4th disciple-heavy burdenz ( man)
05-4th disciple-just for you ( man)
06-4th disciple-coming soon
07-4th disciple-operation project love
08-4th disciple-psalm 51
09-4th disciple-fuck u pt.ii (feat.shogun assasson)
10-4th disciple-shouldve known (this is hip hop)(feat.autnoyz)
11-4th disciple-artform (feat.autnoyz)
12-4th disciple-facts is facts (feat.autnoyz)
13-4th disciple-tongue fu (feat.cilvaringz)
14-4th disciple-energy (feat.cilvaringz and beretta 9)
15-4th disciple-lost_fallen (feat.dirty pilgrims and promizz)
16-4th disciple-grimey suspect (feat.raaddrr van)
17-4th disciple-self savior (feat.the orphange)
18-4th disciple-the mourning (feat.the orphange)
19-4th disciple-think about it l.o.r.d.(feat.dojo pros)
20-4th disciple-bloody choices (feat.sunz of man)
21-4th disciple-peace(feat.the orphange) 

jueves, 24 de octubre de 2013

Big O & 4th Assassin - Gravel Engravement (2013)


01. Gravel Engravement Intro 
02. Part of the Learning 
03. Raw, Rugged-n-Ruff
04. Coming for the Taking 
05. Welcome to the Underground
06. When Im Engraving
07. Claim My Piece 
08. Concrete Blues 
9. Live and Breathe (feat. Robbie P) 
10. Poison Versus the Remedy (feat. Doc Remedy) 
11. Let the Horns Play 
12. Warriors Way (feat. Godilla & Pryme Prolifik) 
13. My Time 
14. Cypher Complete
15. Tall Tales (feat. Absoulut Karnage & Adlib) 
16. Padlocked (feat. DJ Madhandz on the Cuts) 
17. Mic Check C-L-E (feat. Drastic, Vigatron & Razorblade) 
18. Gutter Rap Specialist (feat. DJ Madhandz on the Cuts) 
19. Not Depending on None