miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Best Of Ghetto Dwellas Mixed By Dj Lenny D


2.Got The Flava Showbiz & AG, GD
3.Tramps Freestyle D Flow
4.Who The Dirtiest GD, AG
5.Flipshit AG, GD
6.Muddslide AG, GD
7.Ghetto Dwellas GD
8.ADD On Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, D Flow
9.Q & A Showbiz & AG, GD
10.Ridin And Rollin D Flow
11.Underground Life GD, Fat Joe
12.Holdin It Down Big L, Party Arty, AG
13.Get It Dusty AG, GD
14.Alota Love Party Arty
15.Neighborhood Sickness Showbiz & AG, GD
16.Everyday Party Arty
17.Make It Official GD
18."Tony Touch feat. D.I.T.C., Kid Capri & Party Artie" - The Club
19.God Made Dirt AG, GD
20.Get It Poppin AG, Party Arty
21.Don't Know Me D Flow
22.Hold It Down Party Arty, AG
23.Get Dirty GD, AG
24.Coolest Muthafuckas GD (Prod. Asmatik)
25.Nah Nigga GD, AG
26.Dirty Niggaz Hoof, GD, AG
27.Never Been Done Party Arty