martes, 25 de junio de 2013

Psych Ward - Rulers Of The Damned (2008)


2.Bled Streets
3.Heritage Of Heritcs
4.The Exorcism Ft Zugli
5.Tunnels Of Madness
6.Reap The Razor Ft Savage Brothers
7.Beyond The Grave
8.Reign Of Terror Ft Judge Cryptic
9.Devil Inchains
10.Dark Labyrinth11.Honor Of Thives
12.Hearse Chase Ft Venom & Malikiah
13.Live 2 Die
14.The Unhead Ft Lord Lhus
15.Satanic Rites
16.Shrine Of 7 Heads
17.Organ Donors Ft Planet X
18.Stuck On The Beat
19.Vivid Executions Ft Lord Lhus