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Mankub & DJ Getz - Tales From The Lost Breed (Remixtape) (2013)

UK Hip Hop producer Mankub and Dephect’s DJ Getz just released a really dope project, Tales of the Lost Breed. Featuring just over an hour of Mankub beats, Getz has expertly chopped them together with classic (generally US) accapellas over the top. The beats rep that classic boom bap sound and do a great job of the unenviable task of living up to the originals, with Getz selecting some of my favourite all time accapellas from the likes of Big L, Smif N Wessun, Lord Finesse and GZA. The one UK MC included is Skinnyman, with his When I Give My Heart to You reinterpreted with a stripped back beat and mellow guitar rifs. Anyone a fan of US golden era hip hop is really gonna feel this.


01. Intro
02. Big Shug – Tha Way It Iz
03. Sean Price – Onion Head
04. Sir Menelik feat. Grand Puba & Sadat X – 7XL
05. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Kool G Rap – Animal Rap
06. MF Doom – My Favourite Ladies
07. Big L – Put It On
08. Skit 1
09. Busta Rhymes feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Roc Marciano – The Heist
10. Smif N Wessun – Living Legends
11. Edo G – Rock The Beat
12. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Tragedy Khadafi – Genghis Khan
13. Skinnyman – When I Give My Heart To You
14. Skit 2
15. Roc Marciano – Scarface Nigga
16. Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna – 10 Bricks
17. Lord Finesse – S.K.I.T.S.
18. Cappadonna – Slang Editorial
19. Roc Marciano feat. Hus – Warm Hennessy
20. GZA – Labels
21. Skit 3
22. Roc Marciano feat. Sean Price – Snow Remix
23. Leon’s Outro 

Fubar - Buried Treasure Vol. 1 (Collection of Collaborations) (2 DISCS) (2013)

Thanks To Fubar


01. Voice of Nomad (ft. Cheyenne & Morning Star) [Beat by D.C.B.]
02. Claw Finger (ft. Lenguarmada & Infeck) [Beat by Kachin]
03. Dream Team (ft. Old Child, Louie Sad, St. Sl & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child
04. Flock of Vultures (ft. Animal Cracker & Infeck) [Beat by Kachin]
05. Mi Pensamiento Oculto (ft. The Jotaka & Lacro) [Beat by Phoenicz
06. Mugre (ft. Repthum & Sikadelik) [Beat by Baalzphonskillz]
07. Connecticum (ft. Old Child, Ded Gorazo & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child
08. Musical Thought (ft. Mlody Goh & Gutmistrz Drahuda) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda]
09. Phoenix Ashes (ft. The Jotaka) [Beat by Phoenicz]
10. Take It Again (ft. Menace O.B.E.Z. & DaSunofsam) [Beat by Explicito]
11. Children of Space (ft. Leya, Louie Sad, Old Child & Erks Orion) [Beat by pOMerbl4]
12. Cursed Generation (ft. Seraph Guard, Onse & Sikadelik) [Beat by Righteouz Knight
13. Templars (ft. Cheyenne, Verb, The Jotaka & Schyzo) [Beat by D.C.B.]
14. Idol (ft. Riishii G7, Louie Sad, Old Child & Pro Pyatno) [Beat by Old Child]
15. Bloody Scrolls (ft. Mortal, The Jotaka & Badyl RDP) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda] 



16. Haunters of the Dark (ft. Mldoy Goh, The Jotaka & Gutmistrz Drahuda) [Beat by Gutmistrz Drahuda]
17. Living Water (ft. Rob-Rod, Verb, The Jotaka & Onse) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
18. Invaderz From Azguard (ft. Gordo Templi, Dr. Voodoo, Supreme the Truth & Divine Styles) [Beat by Blaq Masq]
19. Destructors of Beatz (ft. Ashka) [Beat by DJ Rhum'1]
20. Ghetto Residents (ft. Topas, Panoplia & J-Frog the Virus) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
21. Living Legends (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by The Soul Beat Assassinator]
22. Nada (ft. Onse, The Jotaka & Indigenous Element) [Beat by Righteouz Knight]
23. Travel Ovaseas (ft. Gamblez, Topas, Treviso & Potent Tai) [Beat by DJ Coach 1]
24. La Palabra Macabra (ft. Lenguarmada & H-erre) [Beat by Explicito]
25. GoonBars (ft. OzGoon) [Beat by Kekko Bros.]
26. Words I Never Said (ft. Supreme the Truth & Baby Jayne) [Beat by The 6th Element]
27. Six (ft. Sikadelik) [Beat by Flag Captured]
28. Warlords (ft. Onse, The Jotaka & Menace O.B.E.Z.) [Beat by Kwervo]
29. Zenith of Existance (ft. Apostolus & Caprot) [Beat by Artifact]
30. Lurks in the Shadows (ft. Alpha Sigma) [Beat by Cleno Jovanni]  


La The Darkman - What I Like bw Gunz Don't Kill (Vls) (2004)


01.What I Like (Clean) 
02.What I Like (Dirty) 
03.What I Like (Instrumental)  
04.Gunz Don't Kill (Clean)  
05.Gunz Don't Kill (Dirty) 
06.Gunz Don't Kill (Instrumental) 

La the Darkman - Heist Of The Century (limited edition release) (1998)


01: Lucci [Produced by Six July] 
02: Shine [Produced by Six July] 
03: City Lights [Produced by Havoc] 
04: What Thugs Do FEAT DJ Rogers Jnr:, and Puff [Produced by Six July] 
05: Heist of the Century FEAT Killa Sin [Produced by DJ Muggs] 
06: Fifth Disciple [Produced by 4th Disciple] 
07: Now Y [Produced by Six July] 
08: Spring Water FEAT Raekwon [Produced by Raekwon, co-produced by Six July] 
09: 4 Souls Shotti Screwface [Produced by Six July] 
10: Street Life FEAT Tekitha [Produced by Six July] 
11: Love FEAT Maia Campbell [Produced by 4th Disciple] 
12: Figaro Chain FEAT Havoc [Produced by Havoc] 
13: Polluted Wisdom [Produced by The RZA] 
14: Gun Rule  [Produced by Six July] 
15: Element of Surprise  FEAT Masta Killa, and U-God [Produced by 4th Disciple] 
16: Az The World Turnz FEAT and Raekwon [Produced by 4th Disciple] 
17: Wu-Blood Kin  Feat12 O'Clock, and Ghostface Killah[Produced by Six July] 
18: I Want It All [Produced by Six July] 

La the Darkman - What Thugs Do (Vls) (1998)


01.What Thugs Do (Clean)  
02.What Thugs Do (Street) 
03.What Thugs Do (Instrumental) 
04.Wu Bloodkin (Clean) 
05.Wu Bloodkin (Street) 
06.Wu Bloodkin (Instrumental) 
07.Glory (Street) 

La The Darkman - I Want It All As The World Turns (Vls) (1996)


01.I Want It All (Cents Mix) (Clean) 
02.I Want It All (Six July Mix) (Clean) 
03.I Want It All (Six July Mix) (Dirty) 
04.I Want It All (Cents Mix) (Instrumental) 
05.As The World Turns (Dirty) 
06.As The World Turns (Instrumental) 
07.I Want It All (Six July Mix) (Acapella) 

Black Rose Kartel - Rose Kartel Order (2000)


01: B.V.B.N.Y.
02: Do U Player
03: Feel My Thug
04: Kiss the Ring
05: Most Hated
06: Murder Inc.
07: Off the Chain
08: Shit is On
09: When it Reign (feat. King Solomon Rose)
10: Who Dat? 

Marco Polo - Canned Goods (2005)


1.Truffle Shuffle 
3.Hired Goons 
4.Stakes Is Higher 
5.Coffee Break
7.La Guardia To Pearson 
8.Think Of U Now
10.Newport Interlude 
11.Beat Society
12.The Greatest 
13.No U Won't 
14.Situations [Featuring] – Rasco 
15.My Rights [Featuring] – Wordsworth 
16.How I Get Down [Featuring] – Skoob   

Lewis Parker - The Puzzle: Episode 2 - The Glass Ceiling (2013)


1.Glass Clouds (intro) 01:43
2.The Glass Ceiling (main theme) 04:21
3.World on my Shoulders 04:05
4.Puzzle (skit) 00:07
5.Aerial View 03:59
6.Big Themes for Little Losers 04:43
7.Alone in Glass (skit) 00:27
8.Summer with Asakala 03:58
9.Shark 04:18
10.Face of Illusion (Zu link) 01:01
11.Chameleon 04:22
12.Robbery 03:50
13.Alone Thoughts 04:43
14.Excursions 03:46
15.Hard Endeavour 04:31
16.Drum Drama (skit) 00:55
17.Words for the Boss 03:55
18.Behind Backs 04:22
19.Espionage Ring (skit) 00:45
20.The Facts Remain 03:46
21.Face of Illusion 03:31
22.Vibrato Illusion 03:10
23.Truth Syndrome 04:26
24.Walking on a Razor (part 2) 04:43
25.Glass Survival (skit) 00:32
26.Game of Survival 04:31
27.Hand of Jokers 04:16
28.Race with the Devil 05:23
29.Glass Beat (link) 00:36
30.Worldwide Assassination 04:13 

viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

GP Wu - Hit Me With That Shit (Vls) (1997)


01.Hit Me With That Shit Remix 
02.Hit Me With That Shit Remix Instrumental 
04.Smokin' Instrumental 
05.Smokin' Accapella 

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Lets Go The Lap (Vls) (1995)


01.Lets Go The Lap (Radio Mix) 
02.Lets Go The Lap (Street Mix) 
03.Lets Go The Lap (Instrumental) 
04.Can You Wu-Wu-Wu (Radio Mix) 
05.Can You Wu-Wu-Wu (Street Mix) 

Pop Da Brown Hornet - Black On Black Crime b/w G.P. Connection (Vls) (1996)


01.Black On Black Crime (Radio Version) 
02.Black On Black Crime (Instrumental) 
03.Black On Black Crime (Street Version) 
04.G.P. Connection (Street Version) 
05.G.P. Connection (Instrumental) 

Remedy - code red (2003)


1. Intro
2. Book Of Life
3. You Don’t Know Me feat. SweetLeaf
4. That’s What’s Happening feat. Lounge-Lo & Solomon Childs
5. R.E.M.E.D.Y.
6. Muslim and A Jew feat. RZA & CilvaRingz
7. 9/11
8. Cure For This feat. SweetLeaf
9. 21st Century feat. Solomom Childs
10. Tonight’s Da Night
11. Remedy Who?
12. Code Red feat. RZA, Lounge-Lo & Solomon Childs
13. Exodus
14. Never Again
15. Chant The Anthem feat. Beretta, Solomon Childs, Lounge-Lo & Shogun
16. The Man With No Name (skit)
17. Game Over! 

Killarmy - Fall In Formation Killarmy Edition (2012)


02.Street Monopoly  
03.100 Degrees  
04.Bum Rush  
05.Not Guilty 
10.Picture That 
12.Ez Killingz 
14.I Got Music 

Wu-Tang Killa Bees - Killa Beez Doe Rae Wu (Vls) (2002)


01.Killa Beez (Clean) 
02.Killa Beez (Dirty) 
03.Killa Beez (Instrumental) 
04.Doe Rae Wu (Clean) 
05.Doe Rae Wu (Dirty) 

Joe Mafia - This One (2002)


01 - Intro Ft. Treasurer
02 - R.A.T.S. (Gangstaz) Ft. Cassius Clay
03 - Why Ask
04 - This One
05 - Mafia Style
06 - Showtime
07 - It's All Good
08 - 7 Cities
09 - C.H.I.P.S.
10 - We Ride
11 - City Ft. Treasurer
12 - Skit
13 - Set It Off
14 - Lust
15 - Fam (4U)
16 - Jokes On U
17 - Outro Ft. Dark Sunz & Rashaad 

Wu Syndicate - Bust A Slug (Vls) (1999)


01.Bust A Slug (Clean) 
02.Bust A Slug (Dirty) 
03.Bust A Slug (Remix) (clean) 
04.Bust A Slug (Remix) (dirty) 

Pep Love - Ascension (2001)


1. Grime And Grit 
2. Living Is Beautiful 
3. The Grind 
4. The Fight Club
5. U.S. / U.S. Interlude / Untitled - (hidden track) 
6. The Onus (What You Are) 
7. T.A.M.I. 
8. My Energy 
9. Ascension 
10. Act. Phenom
11. A New Religion 
12. Pacific Heights 
13. Karma (The Snake Charmer) 
14. If You Can't Beat Em 
15. Different 
16. Black People (Melanin Magnetic)

Ol`Dirty Bastard - Ol Dirty Rarities (2009)


01.Mister Cee Freestyle
02.Ol Dirty’s Back
03.Next 2 U
04.The Park
05.Dirty Dirty [Remix]
06.Freestyle 1
07.Suave Dirt Dogs
08.Who Rock This
09.Freestyle 2
10.Dirty The Moocher
11.Say Nothin’
12.Freestyle 3
13 - ODB - Bitches
14.Nuttin’ But Flavor
15.Give it to Ya Raw [SD50 Remix]
16.Drug Free
17 .Freestyle
19.No More 

Dave Bee - El Arquitexto (2013)

props to rase by UnderCream 

Nuevo trabajo de Dave Bee, tras una larga espera llega "El Arquitexto". Y para ello ha querido contar DJ Grazzhopa, Fani LBD, Bubaseta, La Puta Opepé, Jotamayúscula, Zemo, Hermano L, Kool Sphere &Visionespanoramik.


01. Intro (con DJ Grazzhoppa) 
02. Es la hora 
03. Una vez mas (con Fani LDB) 
04. Interludio #1 
05. Hip Hop my love (revisitado) 
06. Conexión (Can u feel it?) (con Bubaseta) 
07. Interludio #2 
08. Dónde están?? 
09. Pasa-tres-lo (con la Puta Opepé y Jotamayúscula) 
10. Mucho estilo (con Zemo Ese) 
11. Interludio #3 
12. Nunca olvidaré (con Hermano L) 
13. Reinas en la ciudad (con Kool Sphere) 
14. Soy (El Arquitexto) 
15. Bonus track:Dónde están?? (con Visonespanoramik)